…labor day prose

Cheers to the end of summer and the warm, marshmallow-sticky, firefly nights. Our sun-stained skin is slowly paling and soaked bathing suits are replaced with squeaky school shoes and sharp pencils. We move into Fall and refresh the refresh button. Your clean air is healing. Like a blue sky. Welcome, September, with your knitted sweaters, apples freshly picked and the first night on the couch in front of the fireplace. You were always my favorite. I will bring my book and steamy cup of coffee and meet you gladly.



Wishing you a beautiful end to your summer.

…mms paint and the chicken cabinet

So, you’ve been hearing the tale of my chicken cabinet for a few weeks now. This is how it looked when I originally finished it with Versailles and moved it into my home.


I think it’s a great look, but, well, it didn’t make me fall in love.

I wanted to do something lighter. So, I went over it with more of a white-wash of MMS’s Milk Paint. I added more water and used less on my brush when applying. You will notice that my chicken wire/mesh has still not come in. Waiting not so patiently.





Again, I used a very watered-down mix of Ironstone then sanded and rubbed the entire piece. I painted straight over the Versailles finish I had done previously. No wax. I like that it is a more rustic and weathered look. I’ll see what I think once the chicken mesh gets here.


Second-grader approved.


Ollie didn’t make it into the cabinet shot. He was a bit distracted by the dried flowers.


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