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Hi All!

Thank you for being patient with you Q&A’s. If you have written me personal and lovely emails recently know that I love them, but have not been able to respond to everyone since getting back from vacation.

Got questions? Email me at: cbensten@blueeggbrownnest.com

I love the look of vintage French Provincial furniture repainted to update it.  I have noticed some for sale in resale shops that have a Formica-like top on the dressers and on the drawer fronts.  Have you had any experience painting these using Annie Sloan chalk paint?  If not, do you believe AS paint will adhere to this type of surface.  

If the pieces are older then you should have no problem with the paint adhering. The only time I’ve had issue with non-wood pieces is when they are newer and shiny and have some type of coating on the piece.

I have completed 3 projects already and all have turned out great. My problem is my last project. I painted a desk and waxed. I left it to cure for 30 days. It still has that waxy feeling. And I realize that I must have used it a couple of times to write a few things down. Well now I have writing on the finish! I used the clear wax twice and the dark once all over. It is graphite and I really wanted it dark. I’m assuming I applied too much wax but just don’t know how to fix this. It’s sooooooo frustrating. Can you give any suggestions? 

Sounds like maybe you applied too much clear wax that is was impossible to dry completely. I would recommend going back over the surface with a light piece of sand paper. Get down to your paint, touch up and then wax again. It’s annoying, but not a deal-breaker.


I have one quick question… can you paint the interior walls of your home with the chalk paint? My husband and I live in the country, work on a farm and own our own outfitting business so we are very into the old rustic feel. We bought our home a year ago and have been talking about doing some painting and remodeling and I am just trying to find out how I can accomplish the look I want. I know you must have tons of people to reply to but if you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate hearing them!

I’m sure there is no issue with you using Chalk Paint to do your walls. The one red flag that I will call attention to is that one, little can of ASCP will cost you about $40. This will not get you very far when doing an entire wall. If you love one of her colors I would recommend bringing in a same of it to your hardware store where they can easily match it. It will not be Chalk Paint, but you will have your color at a lower cost.

I have a question for you…I chalk painted the top of my kitchen table (antique Belgian farmtable) in the Coco color a few months back. I used at least 4-5 coats of the American Paint Co. top coat/protector that someone recommended, but since our move this past month, I’ve noticed a lot of the paint is chipping off. I’m not sure if I should repaint w/ the coco and use something else to seal/protect it? Mind you, this is a table we eat on 3 times a day (without placemats). I’m thinking wax alone won’t do the job. Any suggestions???? 

I have never used American Paint Co paint, but this is a real concern. ASCP does not chip or peel. It will rub and wear, but not chip. If you hate the look that the chipping is creating then it may be in your best interest to use a different paint. If you can grow to love the chippy, farm-house look then leave it.

I have not tried painting anything yet with chalk paint. I watched your tutorial where you were painting an oak dining table giving it the weathered look.  You mentioned wiping it with a wet rag if spots were too thick with paint.  My question is is that before applying the clear wax?

Yes, this is BEFORE applying any wax.


Do you ship furniture?  If so, can you tell me what company you use?  Someone has bought a chair from me in VA and I’m trying to find an affordable but good shipping quote for them.

I use USHIP. It is the most cost-effective way that I have found to move furniture from a small business.

I watch several of your tutorials today they are very helpful, I’m going to give it a try on my in-laws bedroom set they gave to us years ago. I also wondered if you ever purchase furniture from individuals for the purpose of refinishing them and selling them yourself?

Yes! This is half my business. The other half is refinishing services.

I am newer at chalk painting and just getting the hang of different techniques.  I am using Annie Sloan paint and wax.  Is it correct that outdoor pieces require no wax? 

Yes, this is true.

Also,  I have been told that there is a way to make metal light fixtures look like aged brass.  It involves painting with more than one color and spritzing with mineral spirits or alcohol????  Where do I find the “recipe” for this?

Oooo, I don’t know. If I wanted a light fixture to look like brass I would use a Rustoleum spray paint and some sand paper.

I was wondering if anyone else was having difficulties viewing some pictures on your website?  I have tried using my PC and my IPad, but cannot access any pictures under your home section and some pictures listed under vintage finds (that you have for sale).  Just wondering because I heart your website so much!  

I will get my IT guy on this right away! (my DH) If you have specific questions about pieces please feel free to email me.

I’d love to know what A.S. dark wax would do over shiny black furniture?

Shiny black furniture that you painted or you bought? I would do a sample to make sure it would not just rub off.

I have this old dresser that I have painted and repainted a zillion times (with behr wall paint mostly). I want to attempt to repaint it again and I really wanted to use the ‘white wash’/ aged/ restoration hardware look that you demonstrated in one of your videos. First, if I do repaint it will it look ok? If I should repaint it do I need to sand it if I’m using Annie Sloan paint? And finally, will I be able to achieve the look I mentioned?

In a word no. This will not work with a piece that is already painted in some type of latex. In order to do the weathered wood look you need oak that has only stain on it. Even if the piece were oak and you really sanded it down with an electric sander it would sand away the ridges that you need.


The desk top is a formica or laminate surface made to look like wood but wear like a manufactured surface and it has a glossy finish.  Will ASCP adhere to this surface?  I am not sure yet whether or not I will paint the top or leave the wood “look”.  

A glossy, fake wood is a red flag for me. I will not work with pieces like this anymore. Chalk Paint will not adhere if it is a newer piece. I would do a test. You will know immediately if it is not adhering because the paint will “sponge” off – look like sponge.

This may be a stupid question…but…my kitchen cabinets are painted white….now I’m wanting to paint the bottom set a deep grayish & distress them some…of course I will use ASCP…but I need advice on color & if i sand them will the white come through or should in paint them dark first to have a darker color come through??? HELP!!!!!

I think it would look lovely to have the white come through and tie in the upper cabinets. French Linen is a beautiful grey color. Good luck!

Have you ever had a piece that didn’t sell and you know it’s priced right?  Do you keep it until you find the right buyer, or sell it for less and cut your loses?

I usually keep a piece at a high price if I know it is worth that and I love it. The right buyer will come.

I want to paint front door.  Can I use  AS pain on the door as it gets cold here? (lower Mich)  I have a glass storm door in front so it does not get wet.  

Yes, I think you should be fine. Like I always say, Annie Sloan has the exterior of her own retail shop painted in Chalk Paint

I have the same oak table that you worked on. However a number of years ago I painted it with Benjamin Moore white paint. Am I able to use ASCP Old White paint directly on this table without having to sand or strip off the old paint? I know I will not be able to get the weathered look unless I do so. At this point, I would like to achieve the shabby chic distressed look. 

No, you would not be able to get the weathered-wood look, but you can certainly Chalk Paint it and have it look beautiful without sanding :)

My biggest concern is that back hutch weighs a ton. Is it possible to work with these paints and waxes indoor? I’d never be able to move the large hutch out to finish.

Of course! I work on pieces all over my home in the winter. Paint wherever you can, Girl!

It’s just beautiful. Great color combination. Just a couple of questions. Did you just use clear wax, or both clear and dark? Also, did you use the same technique with the Duck Egg Blue for the interior? 

I did not wax this piece at all. My intention is to let it wear naturally. The interior just has one coat and it was applied lightly.


I’m new to painting furniture and have been using ASCP. My question is, how do I use the dark wax without it looking to “molted” I have a few pieces that have great details that will stand out with the dark wax but my issue is on the flat surfaces (I find it looks patchy). I appreciate your expertise. Should I use a glaze instead?

You only want to use the dark wax on the edges and crevices. You don’t even need to use the dark wax if you hate the look!


…building a creative business: god gives us space

Does God want us to be different?

Does God love when we are different from the people in our lives?

Does God want us to be creative? To use our minds?

All signs point to – yes. If we were not meant to think on our own and stretch our minds creatively then why would we all have different colored hair? Why would some of us have freckles? And eyes of all shades of color? Our voices different decibels? Gwyneth Paltrow’s never-ending legs and mine, well, not so much.


It sounds like encouragement to be creative. A shove to be different than the person next to us. An applause to talk differently, have different ideas, want different things than our friends and parents. Speak up and speak loudly.

Why is this concept so hard for us to embrace? Is it fear that keeps us from stepping out and being big and bold in what we like and make? Is it fear that we will make a big fool of ourselves and fail in front of everyone? Are we afraid people will misinterpret us and write us off and get others to laugh until we are ganged up on? Are we scared that no one will support our ideas and choices?

Maybe we are we made with creative ideas but also made with insecurities. How do we recitfy these two opposites? Sometimes I see it clearly and think, “Oh, yea. This is good and feels right and I’m going to keep going and not look to my left and my right.” And other times, like when night falls and the house is quiet I think, “Oh, Dear God, what did I say? Who did I think I was to do that?!” Quick – hide!


The sun always rises and I am renewed and feel strong again. What can keep us in that place of assurance? I heard a message on Sunday from an old, dear friend who was preaching at our church. He encouraged us to clear our minds so we could hear God more clearly because He is speaking. We just don’t feel it and see it because we are clouding ourselves with stuff & in my case, fear. Where could I go if that fear did not claw at me? How high could I fly and what could I do? God gives us the sky to remind us that we can go up infinitely; that there is space to fly up.


For me I think it is exercising the muscles of independence, confidence & my own inner voice. It is not rebellion and it is not bad. It is our birthright to fly higher than others want us to. It is a gift to stretch out wide.

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