…favorite things friday: pompoms

I go for anything that is cute, but can also look classy. My answer to this from a pillow perspective is POM POMs! I heart pompoms on sweaters, blankets, curtains and pillows. If I get pillows custom made they will always have pompoms. Here’s a few of my own.




Here are some fun and classy pompoms that are out there right now.



Brushed Accent Pillow with Pompoms from Nordstrom.



Sugarboo Designs Stacked Animals Poms Throw Pillow from Layla Grayce – obsessed with this one.



Tufted Lace Pompom Pillow from Nordstrom



Leire Pompom Velvet Pillow from Joss and Main

…how to refinish a needlepoint chair from the perspective of my cat


AAAAAAAH! A large, scary monster come to hurt me!

Oh, it’s just a chair.

AAAAAAAH! She is going to smush me with that chair! But, no. She is putting it on top of the place where I sunbathe. Why would she put it way up there? Oh, she wants me to lounge on it. It’s a lounging chair for me. Yes, that’s nice. Much better than the end of the couch. Now I am high up and can view the rest of the room from up here. She wanted me to be higher than her because I am like the king in this home. How nice. Maybe I do like her.




Green string? How stupid. I’m not playing with that and she certainly doesn’t need to decorate my chair. It doesn’t even match my fur. Maybe if she could just shift it slightly to the left so the sun could reach my belly a bit more.

Oh! I get it. She wants to play! No? She doesn’t want to play? What is that deep voice coming from her mouth, snapping my name. If she doesn’t want to play then she shouldn’t stick that paint brush anywhere near my paws. Duh.

Purrrrr. It’s Greta. Okay, Greta put that ugly green string on my throne.

DINNER! I will return.



Blast. It is my brother Owen. He has always wanted to usurp me. Try as you may, but you will never take me down, Brother.

Oh, thank God. She’s taking off the green string. It really wan’t working for me. Wha, Wait. Where are you taking my throne? To the family room?


And what is that ugly white thing?







A stuffed lamb? A toy? I’ve been replaced by a child’s toy? She will not be finding me at the end of her bed tonight. No sir. I may even ignore her for a whole day after this. And dinner better be on time.


…shabby chic refinished table…$325

I am finally starting to chip away at the pieces in my garage that I am planning on refinishing and selling. I started at the very beginning with this really, beautiful round table. I have a fondness for white round tables as the very first table I purchased for our first home was similar. It can go with any decor with a cute centerpiece.










I refinished in Annie Sloan Pure White and distressed. I’m wondering if my neighbors thought we were eating al fresco!

Shabby Chic Round Table…$325


…therapy and nail polish


This week I worked on stating my needs in therapy. In all honesty, I do not know how to do this. I am so overly concerned with how a statement like this would come out of my mouth. Would I sound mean? Entitled? Rude? Assuming? Obnoxious?

Yes to all of the above.

I would sound like all of these to myself. But why? I have met many a’ people who have no issue with asking for what they want and to be honest, I’m always a bit perplexed when I see it happening. It is so foreign to me, but it works for them…and they get their needs me too! How about that?!

How about you?

What would it look like if you took a day to just state what you wanted; what you liked without worry that someone around you was going to judge or shame you or worse – try to get you to like what they like! What if you were able to be so confident in yourself, your style and your taste that you could throw back your shoulders just a bit and say, “Yes, I want the lavender-colored nail polish.” I think that it would be a signal to your brain that are worthy and important enough not to ask for permission to get what you wanted and maybe, just maybe you would do it again and again until you got really good and were able to speak your mind and your own thoughts all the time. The world would get to know you and although not everyone would appreciate you, at least YOU would know that today you were wholly yourself.

…and your nails would always look damn good.

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