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Have you used Polly over chalk paint instead of the wax??

I have not because I want that rustic look that you get from the wax. A poly would leave it with a more finished look. You can certainly use it.

I have a cream distressed bed and I’m looking to paint a dresser to compliment it. I wanted to accent the room with blues and yellows. Do you recommend a certain ASCP color? I know cream matches all, but wanted your expertise if you’ve had one “stand out.”

I personally would bring in your blues & yellows with pillows, accents and curtains if this is the look you want. Go with neutral for your dresser. If you want a bit of color and are open to blues then try Paris Grey or Duck Egg Blue. But, try to match these blues in your decor if you go with one of them. Otherwise, I’d still with Old White or a neutral for your piece.

I have been wanting to have some sheet music prints done of our wedding song and some other sentimental songs for our living room and I noticed you have four in your dining room and wondered where you got them or if you made them yourself?  I would like to do four of the exact same size that you have.  

Yes, I did frame sheet music from Chopin of a piece I used to play. I mounted the pages on a white burlap and painted some frames. I believe they are 11 x 14 – the standard size you find at any craft shop.

Just finished painting 2 huge dressers in old white, clear waxed and then tried some dark wax around the edges – what a muddy mess! So disheartened as my son is getting married next week over in Harrisonburg at JMU! I was hoping to surprise him with some extra money from the sale. Is there anything that I can do to correct this mistake without repainting? 

Oh, don’t fret! You can go over it with a fine steel wool and get much of the mud part off. If it is still muddy then you just take your paint and touch up these areas and then clear wax again. It is an easy fix!

I would love to know if that beautiful painting shown in one of your pictures hanging above the church phew is one of your amazing creations?  If so could you fill me in on how I can purchase one?  I just love it! I love all the muted mono chromatic colors, if this was not made by you, where can I get one too?

This was actually painted by my MIL. I love it too and have tried to get her to start selling. She has painted them for all of her kids’ families.

Small Room Design

What paint colors did you use for your dining chairs with the khaki linen?

I purchase these. Did not paint them.


I read the post of you and your husband demolishing your house and rebuilding on the same spot. I am about to do the same and what to know if you have any suggestions or tips. I’m particularly concerned with digging out the foundation and putting in a new one. I’m not exactly sure about the depth of new footings, etc. Without going back and rereading your post, I am assuming you put in a new foundation and didn’t build on the old one. That wouldn’t be an option for us as our foundation is part of the problem.

You really need to hire a good builder. Ours was dug up completely and we built an entirely new foundation, which is what you need with a new build.

I need some help – I have painted a dark wood TV unit with 2 coats of primer and then 3 coats of Annie Sloan Pure white (watering it down a bit). I want a smooth finish and have sanded it down with a very fine grit sandpaper – starting with a 400, then a 600 and finally 800. After doing this I have read that if it is too smooth it wont absorb the wax – what do you think? I really like the waxed finish that I have on other things I have done but none of them are that smooth.

You will be totally fine waxing on top of this. It is difficult to absorb when it is raw wood.


…building a creative business: motherhood.


If you are a mother and you are running your own creative business then God bless you. Let me tell you that you are amazing and I’m so proud of you for carving out your own space & time during you day to get recharged doing something creative and inspiring. Sometimes we busy ourselves with our businesses to just stay sane. I love my kids to the moon and back, but I cannot sit for hours watching them ride scooters up and down the driveway. I. Will. Go. Insane. I need to be doing something simulaneously that is a project. It sounds like more work, but it is actually a way to keep my brain active and inspired and I do feel joy from the process and the result.

Like the moon, I am learning that there are many phases to motherhood. I had the years of infertility trying to become a mother, the steep learning curve of mothering my first born, the growing chaos of adding a second and then the complete insanity that resulted in a third baby 15 months later. You run around trying to just keep all the balls in the air until one day you realize that all the kids are in school and you have multiple hours to yourself and you think, “Oh. Wait a minute. Am I all alone?” It sounded like a dream come true when you were getting up in the middle of the night nursing a baby to sleep, but a little scary now that they are occupied and you are facing a brave new world older and more weathered to say the least.

This is where I am right now. A few years ago I would have written about the chaos and today I write about the empty space before 4:00 when the house fills up again. I can’t be the only one that finds this intimidating. (Yes, Reid still keeps me company after pre-school, but it is a known and proven fact that boys are easier. Wink.)

So, here I am in another phase of thinking about what I want to do when I grow up. I hear from many of you retired creatives that want to open your own shop so I am assuming this self-reflection never really goes away. I think in Heaven I will lie on a beach for eternity. Not here though. I think as mothers we have to drive ourselves forward at all times because when those kids rush in the house with their emotions almost palpable, homework, ballet, soccer, piano, swim (as in my house) we are in acceleration mode. Zero to 90MPH. Can I get an amen?

Funny how working at something creative can help keep me balanced. Kinda in the 30-40 MPH range. Just enough to stay energetic without getting burned out.

There is another phase coming up and I’m sure I will once again have to readjust and find a more expensive eye cream. Hoping for level ground at the moment and for you as well, Mama.


PS – So The Safe Nest was scheduled to launch on my bday yesterday, but I need to admit to you that I am, well, scared. It is the most open & honest writing that I’ve done and it’s frightening to put out there. But, I want to live a life without any more shame and for me the first step is unburdening myself from pain. The main goal of the site is to allow YOU to also unburden yourself by writing to me, “Dear Christen” and sharing your issue or problem in an anonymous way. A like-minded community will reply with love & support. Life is not easy and I do believe we can find healing in a safe community; a safe nest. With that I bravely & timidly leave the link…the safe nest.

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