…Romantic Country Magazine – Table Top

As promised here are the photos of the tea party table top published in this seasons Romantic Country Magazine. It was so much fun to set up and play.

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As promised here are the photos of the tea party table top published in this seasons Romantic Country Magazine.

Photos by Helen Norman, styled by Charlotte Safavi.

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…Romantic Country Magazine!

I have been waiting a year to show you images of the holiday tea party I threw before Christmas last year. I was given the idea from a client of mine. I had such fun picking out all my mixed and matched vintage tea cups, saucers, plates and decor.

The photos were published in Romantic Homes Magazine and the issue is on shelves now!

Without further ado!







I will show you the tea table tomorrow.

Photos by Helen Norman, styled by Charlotte Safavi.

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…favorite things friday: le creuset ON SALE!

One King’s Lane is having a sale on Le Creuset today and before I purchase a few essentials myself, I had to tell you all about it! If you do not have a staple dutch oven from Le Creuset, you must treat yourself. I literally cook with it every single night, keep it out on my stove all year round and would die without it. Okay, not die, but definitely be lost. If I only had this dutch oven and one spoon in my kitchen to cool with I would be okay.




There are many colors, but you may recognize the fire orange (it’s also the one I own.) You want the size here that Ina is holding and you know you can’t go wrong if it’s a piece she uses.


Check out the sale here.

Happy cooking!

…more on boomeranging

“What made you pursue a coach in addition to therapy? I think I need one or both to move in the right direction personally and help to take the leap with a side business. Any advice? Thanks. P.S. Saw this post at ‘just the right time’ as I feel like my struggle is taking over my life.” – Annonymous Reader

Thank you, Dear Readers for your honest and transparent responses to my post yesterday about Boomeranging – may I coin the term? Sounds like many of us find ourselves in this boat where we are are afraid to try something new because we may fail. The fear is real and I do not dare diminish it by offering cliches.

Throughout the crests and undulations in our lives we are often faced with crossroads. These may not be major, life -decisions, but rather ones that will determine where we put our time and energy. I am someone that always wants to concerve my energy. I am an introvert and if you are too, you know that our energy is limited. We recharge by being alone and as a busy mom with a business there is not much alone time happening. So, making a choice to move forward on a new project or adventure costs us quite a bit.

Fear is also a HUGE component and can hold us back from moving forward. Who wants to come out into the sunshine and say, “This is me!” “Check me out.” When we listen to our confident, adult voice it can be empowering, but our tiny, child-voice can whisper some real negatives too. It can feel very paralyzing. We have a great, creative idea, we are inspired and excited, we think others may identify and appreciate it – but what would it take?  I’m not even talking about finances and all that, I’m talking about the visibility.

What would it take to become vulnerable and visible? Courage. It would take courage. Being visible can mean exposing yourself to other people’s opinions and criticisms. I remember my first year selling at the Luckett’s Spring Market. A women walked into my space, picked up a piece of ironware and said to her friend, “Ugh, that is way over-priced.” I was standing right there, knowing that I had priced the beautiful, antique ironware at $20! An antique pitcher, people! It was way under-priced. I could not help the sneer that came across my face as I eyed her all the way out of my tent.

I don’t think moving on a new project or endeavor happens in a bubble. I think it happens sometimes after years of tip-toing forward and getting our feet just a little wet. Then we step back. We may move towards it again in time. I don’t think we get just one shot at trying something, is what I’m trying to say. Many of you asked about the concept of coaching and this is where it can be helpful. Coaching is an opportunity to have a positive sounding board. Again, it is very, very different than therapy. A coach can help you process your day and offer you a new, postive way of thinking about something. It feels grounded in good boundaries and finding your own truth. A good coach will help you to consider different ways of looking at your experiences.

I would also like to suggest that more than any success that you may render in new, uncharted territory, the exploration of yourself and your limits will be your greatest achievement. It WILL be uncomfortable. It WILL take energy. It WILL push you, but it won’t break you. You can step out and then after a little visit outside of your comfort zone, you can always boomerang back. I’ve done this many times with my decisions for Blue Egg Brown Nest. It helps me to think that nothing is black and white. There are many, many shades of gray and just as in nature, we are meant to move and sway.


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