…building a business: creative and special

Can we talk about this article for a second? About 10,000 of you stopped what you were doing to read it.


25 Things Creative People Do Differently

I want to call attention to it because it made me feel, well, special. I think so many times if you take apart each one of these attributes they can make a person feel less than or too different or not functioning as “normal” people do. In this context, though, we are the superstars. You are a superstar. Here is the list the author comes up with. I’d love to know what you think.


25 Things Creative People Do Differently:

  1. They work when the work comes to them…meaning that they only paint, draw, write, sew, dance, or write out business plans when they feel like it. Creative people know the mind performs best in small bursts of concentrated work.
  2. They probably don’t have a “normal” job. The creative spirit feels dampened by a job in which it doesn’t get to roam free and do as it pleases. Many creative types turn to entrepreneurship to make money, because it fulfills their soul while still allowing them to get paid.
  3. They see inspiration in everything. Creative spirits become inspired by anything and everything, from an unusual pattern on a leaf to the bright lights of a city at night. They see the world as their oyster, and have a knack for finding inspiration in the most unlikely of places.
  4. They never stop questioning. The creative mind always wonders and always wanders; creative people have highly active imaginations, and ponder the big AND small questions in life. They want to know it all.
  5. They aren’t afraid to fail. They don’t even see failure as a bad thing, because they know that the only way to grow in life is by putting yourself out there and making mistakes.
  6. They are very independent people. They don’t like being told what to do or when to do things. They work best alone and feel totally confident walking their own path in life.
  7. They are risk-takers. Creative people don’t just love doing new things, they actually seek out dangerous or uncomfortable opportunities because this makes them feel alive. It unlocks new doors of creativity, and might even give them insight into previously undiscovered talents.
  8. They use their pain to fuel their passion. Creative people have likely been through very hellish and traumatic experiences, but these experiences give life to their work. They feel inspired by what they learned from their setbacks, and transmute the negative energy from the pain into something positive.
  9. They practice self-development. Imaginative people know that a foggy, unproductive, negative brain will block their creativity and not allow them to express themselves fully. They read self-help books, practice mindfulness, meditate, do yoga, and say positive affirmations. They know that a positive attitude is the cornerstone of achieving a high level of creative success.
  10. They daydream. Creative people let their minds wander, and don’t ask any questions until later. They simply enjoy traveling to new lands and thinking up new concepts through their imaginations, and know that daydreaming can lead to the most profound, unparalleled ideas.
  11. They enjoy spending time alone. Most creative people are seen as loners or misfits, and never really fit in to any stereotype or clique. While this may not always be the case, creative people usually feel most comfortable in solitude because they do their best work in their own company.
  12. They aren’t afraid of being different. They know they’re different, but they wouldn’t have it any other way. They own their uniqueness, and feel honored to show it off.
  13. They only want friends who uplift and inspire them. They don’t want to be around people who don’t have big dreams and visions – they seek out friendships with people who they can bounce ideas off of and who truly understand their soul.
  14. They often act before they think. Despite the stereotype of creative people, most of them actually take huge leaps of faith without going through all the scenarios in their minds first. Why? Because they know that they must live it, not just think it, in order to reach their goals.
  15. They do things most people aren’t willing to do. They don’t give up easily, they put themselves out there, they fail over and over again but see it as growth, and they put in hard work even when they’re tired. Creative people are troopers; they have a strong will and don’t let anything stand in their way.
  16. They have a “yes” mentality. They say yes to life, because they know this will create more opportunities for them. They do things even when they’re scared or unsure – they realize that momentum coupled with a positive attitude create the perfect mixture for exciting things to happen.
  17. They have a strong work ethic. They might work fifteen or more hours a day, depending on how they feel. They know that dreams don’t work unless they do.
  18. They are complex people. They might feel that no one understands them, but they don’t care. They have an intricate web of personality traits and deep emotions, but they feel proud to have so many layers. They think this makes them a more interesting person!
  19. They get bored with the same old routine. They thrive off of new experiences, and actually cringe and feel caged in by doing the same things at the same time, day in and day out.
  20. They move around a lot. They don’t like staying in the same place too long, because their creative energy thrives off of new places, faces, and activities.
  21. They are highly emotional, intuitive people. Most creative people identify with being an empath, or highly sensitive person. They feel things very deeply, and let out their emotions through their creative work.
  22. They may have a hard time falling asleep. Because of their active brains, they might stay up into the early morning hours some nights, either working or just thinking.
  23. They take care of themselves. They realize their creative energy can’t move through them if they don’t keep their mind, body, and soul healthy. They likely care about their diet, exercise often, and meditate daily.
  24. Life means nothing to them if they don’t follow their heart. They don’t relate to people who see everything as a means to an end. To them, their passion is both the means AND the end.
  25. They live life on the edge. They know that they must always feel excited and challenged in life in order to live to the fullest. They want to live a life that is anything but ordinary.

Amen. Yes?

…dark wax OPTIONAL

Did you know that using dark wax is optional?


I get so many questions about how to apply dark wax. Many of us end up with a muddy mess if not applied correctly. I played with it for years. Here are some earlier pieces when I used it for great, surface coverage. It lends itself to a very aged look when used this way.



When I started doing refinishing work, I tempered my use and used it very minimally for edging and detail work. Clients tend to shy away from anything too distressed.


I now only use it when requested by clients for their pieces. I do use it for my own pieces that I buy & sell, however. I think it’s a great resource when used correctly.


Not sure how to apply Annie Sloan Dark Wax? Check out the video I have on YouTube.

Got idea for more Blue Egg Brown Nest Tutorials? Let me know and I’ll try to make it!

…favorite things friday – luckett’s spring market

I am very sad to say that I will not be participating in this year’s Luckett’s Spring Market. My family has had a very trying winter, as you know, and it was just not the right time. Last year, I had that horrible accident where I hurt myself badly falling down my stairs and I had to bow out as well. As many of you know, working your own booth at a mult-day show can take almost a year to get ready for. It is a serious about of push and you have to be willing to go the distance. Timing has not been right.


It actually makes me very sad, but I have friends that have promised to hold my hand. In fact, they have encouraged me to go and shop with them. It never takes too much pushing to get me to a market. I love being outdoors and seeing all the vendors and their intersting wares.


This year, Luckett’s is offering a VIP day. On Friday, May 15th you can buy a $40 ticket that will let you shop that day. Why is this cool? Well, people get a little bit crazy at these things and cool items can go fast. If you shop early, you get to pick first!


Luckett’s has been very good to Blue Egg Brown Nest. I was offered a room in the shop last year and they are sponsors on my site. It is a special place. My plan is to show next spring. Come shop with me! And if you see me sad or crying I’d love a hug :)


…tips for furniture painting in summer

Now that it is getting warm and we are able to paint outdoors, I just wanted to remind you of a few things that I have noticed in my work.


1. Your paint will dry much faster when you are painting in the sun. This is a good thing if you have a lot of work to do. This is a bad thing if you are sloppy and moving too fast. Make sure you check your drips and application.

2. Wax WILL melt. You clear wax will literally melt in the sun. This is a problem. If you are waxing do not leave your piece out in the sun because it will melt and when the sun goes down it will cool where it melted and how it melted. This is why you do not want to clear wax your outdoor pieces.

3. Hot wax. If you are working outdoors or in a garage your wax may be at a higher temperature than indoors or in winter. This can work to your advantage. It will apply much quicker for you and you will have to use less arm mucle to buff the wax into your peices.

4. Dark wax will also go on much smoother and faster so be careful. You need less and want to go slowly if you are using dark wax. You can easily go overboard with hot, dark wax!

5. Dehydration. Did you know that by the time you are thirty you are already technically dehydrated? DH always brings me ice water when I am out painting for hours on the weekend. Be sure you keep your water handy and keep yourself hydrated!

6. Don’t forget to bring your pieces indoors at the end of the day or your painting session. You don’t want the elements getting to them!


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