…secret side table

I love when people email me with furniture donations. I love when they think about me and what I can do to a piece when they are moving or moving out family members. It means alot to me that you all think of me, so thank you. A girl from my town sold me this little side table many months ago. For about a year the pieces I refinish to sell have been on hold. I have been very busy spending my time refinishing for clients. When there is a lull, like in late summer, I finally have a chance to check out the items that I have to work on and sell. Here is the little side table when I started painting it.


Cute legs, cute shape, but….it seemed off  balance when I opened it up.


I showed DH the piece and we even talked about attaching a little bar to make the piece level when opened. Until, my genius DH realized that is was not broken or off balance at all, but instead held a secret!


Flip it open, turn it, fold it….


and ta-da!


Amazing! You all probably knew it did that, didn’t you?! I guess it was to play cards or chess or something. I was very impressed. So was the client that snatched it up right away.



I refinished with Country Grey and left the secret door in the natural, stained wood. I love the claw legs and detail on the sides.

PS – Thank you for all your wonderful travel-to-the-English-Countryside tips! I am going to pour over them and email you individually as I plan my trip. I have some time before reaching 40 to get it right. You listening, DH?! xoxo

…it’s my birthday today…

…I turn 37 today. In three years time when I hit the big 4-0 I will be celebrating on the English Countryside. Where should I travel, my beloved English readers?

english countryside via Collard Green's flickr account



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