…this is happening

again. god save the moms.


…building a business: support

This is a big one. We were not put on this earth to be alone as much as sometimes I wish I could do everything on my own. To rely on someone else is very scary and difficult for me. Let’s just say it’s a painful subject.

When you own your own creative business you need people. It’s not like you work in a big office building where everyone has their own duties and you are working towards a common goal. Many times it is just you working for…you. You need help. You need help with the pracitical side of things like the moving, selling, marketing, repairing and work. More than that, you need people supporting your goals for your business.


What does support mean?

It means friends & people asking about how it’s going.

Dinner guests commenting on the large dining set half painted in your living room.

Neighbors stopping to say hi when you are covered in paint in your driveway.

Friends showing up to help move your left-over pieces from the Luckett’s Spring Market (Matt Sanne).

Support means genuine interest in whatever you have going on in your life. It could be collecting seashells or cats. It could be learning how to ski. It could be going to a new barre class. When someone is interested in what you have going on you feel cared for; held up. It makes space for you to keep on doing what you love and enjoy to do. It speaks to you in a way that says, “I see you.” Isn’t that what we all need? Someone to see us. Someone to know us. I think we all inherently need this. I know I do.

If you don’t have this type of support in your life, then I have a secret for you, you can give it to yourself if you try really hard. You can speak words of healing & support to yourself. You can honor your mind and your body by resting and putting up boundaries. You can encourage yourself by catching the negative voices in your head and say to them “No thank you. You are not needed.” For those of us in this boat, meet me over at my other site, The Safe Nest. We will hold each other up.


Thank you, Dear Readers, for all the support that you’ve given me. There are some days when it’s all I have.


…my favorite brush

Is a Wooster!


You may be surprised to find out that the brush I use the most and love is not a refinishing brush or an Annie Sloan oval brush. It is a normal paintbrush found at the hardware store. The brand is Wooster.

I have used a Wooster brush for over two years now. Why do I like it best?

1. It allows me to apply paint  smoothly.

2. It is slender and allows me to have more control.

3. The nylon brushes do not shed.

4. The plastic handles does not break like a wood one.

5. I love the short handle & grip on the Shortcut brush

I have found that my natural, oval brushes are really difficult to use. I am not able to control the application as I would like to because these brushes are shorter and thick. In fact, I find that I have to really work my oval brush to use it the way I want to. Even the smaller ovals are very difficult to use in smaller spaces and pressing a brush into these areas creates clumps and inconsistencies. I also find that natural bristles, although beautiful, tend to shed. My wood handles also shake loose from the base and become unusable.

Wooster makes several brushes that I love. My new favorite is the Shortcut.


Check out that little, rubber handle. This handle makes it easy to control your application. They also make several other great brushes that my new friends at Wooster mailed me.




The black bristled brush would be great for those of you that stencil on fabric.


The brushes above have synthetic bristles and although I have no tried them on wax yes, they may be softer than what you are using now.

Thanks for the help, Wooster! Woot.

…old white chairs

I love a sweet, wood chair. A client brought me four of these to refinish for her. The cane seats unscrewed so I could get in there and paint. Love when it works out that way so I don’t have to break out the green tape!

Here is the before:

Boo. I forgot to take a before.

Here is the after!






Beth did have one of the seats recaned. Beth, do you mind telling us who you used? Old White always works for kitchen chairs.


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