…chicken cabinet sale

You all have been on the journey of my hunt, purchase, shipment, and refinishing of my cabinet that I endearingly called my “chicken cabinet” (basically because I took out the glass and added chicken wire). Well, like many items in my house after I have changed & enjoyed them, I am ready to sell.


It is such a beautiful cabinet and I’ve been told that the refinishing job is perfect by a few local interior designers. I just have a habit of wanting to change things up in my house. It’s motivating for me and kind of a habit. Good thing I do this furniture thing as a job.

If you recall, I found this antique cabinet in upstate New York for $700. It took a few hundred and many weeks to finally get the piece to me. Then I Chalk painted & milk painted it. I also added the chicken wire. Needless to say, the process was involved.






This beautiful cabinet is a well-made antique. I am just a bit ADHD about furniture, as you know.

Chicken Wire Cabinet 80″ H x 51″D x 19W…$1,200 + tax.

I can ship this item via USHIP.

…favorite things friday: anthro pillows

I’ve never known Anthropologie to have so many pillows as they do this season! It’s very exciting and the price range varies. Here are some of my favorites.


As you know, I gravitate towards anything turquoise.


These delicate dots comes in lots of colors. So sweet!



These letters are my very favorites. In fact, I am tempted to buy the whole alphabet! You could put one on a special chair or on a bed. Anthropologie also sells mugs that have letters. I never get bogged down finding letters that make sense, I just pick my favorite colors!




Happy Friday!


…aubusson blue

I know you usually see me using very neutral colors, but I do love a rich blue. I have found that Aubusson can really read darker or lighter depending on the space it is put in. These were done for a client a few months ago.



Aubusson is just a really interesting and special blue. If you want to work it into a room, add pillows or curtains with monochromatic blues. I think it these would be beautiful with some stark white pottery and/or a white lamp. Maybe some mercury glass.



…blue egg brown nest Q&A’s

Hi Friends!

Here are your Q&A’s. Got questions? Email me at: cbensten@blueeggbrownnest.com

I own a business with my daughter. I think we have many unique items and a friend that paints furniture that is totally awesome!!!  We have been in business for eleven years and have had some struggling times, but we’re still holding our own. Would like to get our one of a kind furniture out there for others to see.  What do you suggest?

I think the hunt is a major part of the business. Sometimes you can find amazing pieces at flea markets or estate sales and sometimes you just find junk. You need to always keep your eye open and build up an inventory. It’s definitely a process. Hang in there!

However, my one query before I pick up my paint brush is: do I paint the inside of the furniture?  Most of the pieces I have viewed have the drawers and wardrobe doors closed so it is difficult to tell how far to go.

I never paint the interior of dressers. I don’t believe they need it and I like to see the contrast of old and new. I usually DO paint the interior of buffets and secretaries until the client does not want it. I think it’s find to do a contrasting color.


Where did you find your zebra rug? Who is the manufacturer, etc.  I am looking for one like that with grey stripes. And also, how much extra length do leave on your drapes?

My zebra rug is from Overstock! I get this question almost every day :) I always buy long when doing my curtains. I want them to pool at the floor and not look like high-water pants.

I love the armoire you painted with the inside painted in duck egg.You have a tutorial on weathered wood look. Did u use this technique on the armoire?

It is a similar look. I did this weathered wood look with ASCP and then covered it with MMS Milk Paint. I wanted a really distressed look. FYI – I may be selling this piece soon.


Christen, I enjoyed the article about turning a drop cloth into a runner/tablecloth. After you paint the stripes with ASCP is there anything special you need to do to the fabric? Will it be washable and if so will it lose the blue color? 

Nope. I have washed the tablecloth several times and dried it. The paint remains the same.


Can you tell me what colour blue paint you used on the shutters in your dining room please. If two do you use the darker shade first.

Yes, the first layer of paint was Florence. I then painted them Duck Egg, but did not paint all the crevices so it would stay looking old.

My question for you is about painting inside furniture, drawers, cabinets, etc. I’m also wondering about painting the underside of end tables or chairs (or any piece). I haven’t seen you talk about this topic. Can you give me some pointers?

I always paint the back of my pieces and the underneath of chairs (I used to not do this). I do not paint the underside of tables, however. We all know that they are old wood and it doesn’t need it.


I am wondering if you ever show how you decorate your bathrooms? I would love to see how you decorate those areas of your home as I’m at a loss on how to decorate mine!

Sure, I can show you. It’s hard to get light in my powder room to get pictures, but I will try.

I have distressed a dresser with chalk paint. But now, I am loving the white washed look. Is it possible to take a piece that is distressed and turn it into a white washed finish look (using same color).

Sure, just use your white-washed technique over what you have already painted. I have done this before with shutters. Just water down your white paint.

I noticed all of the tables on your website had been sold and I can see why, they’re beautiful! If you could give me some info on if you’ll have more and when and perhaps some pricing I’d appreciate it!

You can always check on FB as I tend to post new pieces to refinish there first. I am not carrying a huge inventory right now because I am slammed refinishing pieces for clients.

I am manufacturing a line of chalk/mineral rich paint. I would like to ship you some of my paint and other supplies to hear your opinion? If you have any interest in trying it out please let me know?

Sure! I’d love to try your paint.

I love your blog and I have been wanted to start one myself for sometime.  I am ready to start but I am confused about web hosting and web design.  How did you know how to get yours up and running?  I’m looking for some advice:)

You can find free blog templates online. I use WordPress, which is really popular. Once you get going you may find that you need some technical assistance from a web designer, which you can also find online. You will find that these designers have varying prices for their designers and often times they need to “accept” your project and you will have to apply. I would suggest getting as far as you can on your own and testing it out. Then as you grow you can hire someone.

Do you recommend letting the clear wax dry before using the dark wax or do you do them consecutively with no dry time? I’ve seen it both ways on YouTube.  I’d like to paint my project and wax it clear and then go back and distress it, if I chose,  at another time.

I like to let my clear wax dry at least a day before apply dark wax. That’s my preference. You can certainly apply dark wax at a later date!


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