…vintage style magazine

Thanks to a beloved readers I discovered that my house was in Vintage Style Magazine this month.



As flattering as it is, it was also rather confusing to me since I had no idea and sadly, I was not credited. No mention of Blue Egg Brown Nest or my site. Disappointing.

So, the way it was explained to me is that when a magazine hires a photographer to come shoot your space the publisher hold the rights to those photos. With these rights they also have the ability to run articles in a compilation article and use their photos as they see fit since they own them. If it were a hour tour with interview I would have been credited.

I’m trying not to get too bogged down by it. Thank you to all of you that were concerned for me in FB and were helping to make sense of it! If you think of any grass-roots way we could get the word out then let me know! xo

PS – My house and Christmas Party from last year will be in next months Romantic Homes Magazine.

…building a creative business: pricing

I know pricing is a big concern for us. We put so much work into creating, marketing and selling. We need to make sure we are making money for our efforts or else we will get burned out. It’s kinda like caring for your baby. At the end of the long, exhausting day we need to see a drooling smile to rejuvenate us and help us do it all again the next day. How about these three little rules that have helped me.

1. Factor in your materials.

Materials are expensive so make sure that when you are pricing out your product to factor these into your cost.


2. Know your market.

Make sure that you know what your product sells for IN YOUR AREA. If you price too high then people may opt for a different shop to save money. Chances are there are many people out there doing what you are doing and we are all looking for a good price when we buy items. However, if you are too low, shoppers may also think that your item is not as…”special”. I know that if I buy a shirt from my favorite shop I am going to treat it better than if I buy something in Target on my way to pick up the wet cat food. There is room for experimentation here.


3. Pay yourself.

By this I mean labor. Oh, the labor! I don’t have a formula for factoring in my time, but I know that I put a lot of effort into my work when I could be finishing up a book or chatting with neighbors. I could be napping for goodness sake! Be sure you give yourself a percentage that is not the materials, marketing or raw piece you may use (if painting).

I love you so much for turning your creative talent into a business! You are amazing and you are meant to make money from all your work.


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