…living love.

If you follow my Facebook Page found here, you know that I like to post images of spaces that inspire me. When I post an image that reaches a high number of views, I will post it on my blog because it’s obviously an image that we are excited about. This living room image below reach about 30,000 people. It is an image originally published in Atlantic Homes Magazine and one that I have posted before. I reposted it because every time I see it on Pinterest I start to drool.

What makes it so magical?


The first design element that I notice is the wall of windows separated by what looks like reclaimed barn wood. Then I see the expansive, rustic ceiling that contrasts the soft white upholstered living area. This room, however, has little to do with the furniture. It is all about the space, ’bout that space. It’s a good example of how good architecture does not just enhance a space, but can act as the focal point of a room.

I know we can’t all design our own homes and sadly, we will probably never live in a space like this, but we can appreciate design when we see it. When you see inspiring architecture you know it. It creates a feeling that makes you breathe in a little deeper as your eye moves around the room. It speaks loudly in a quiet voice. It is bigger than us. It is all around us. We are sometimes IN IT. It just is. I was recently in an old hotel in DC and could not take my eyes off the ceiling detail. Beautiful design is all around us and we just need to pay attention.

…BIG news


Without further ado, I am thrilled to announce that you will be able to shop Blue Egg Brown Nest at the The Old Luckett’s Store starting late September! eeeek! I grew up going to Lucketts, my children’s furniture is all from Lucketts, I shop at Luckett’s all the time and have been a part of the Spring Market and now I am going to sell at the shop. The front porch right by the front door to be exact.


If you recall, my Luckett’s friends offered me a room a few years ago. I was super flattered as I was told that the waiting list is 10 years long. I thought and prayed about it, coming to the conclusion that it was just not the right time for me and my family. I had at least one child in diapers and the other was barely able to climb up the steep steps of the bus by herself. My babies needed me ready and able.

I have had the luxury of working for home, accepting refinishing pieces and selling pieces from my safe spot. I feel like the time is right to step out just a wee bit. I have been super honest about being a little, well, nervous about committing to anything too big. I want to still be able to attend to my family while loving what I work on. My Luckett’s friends are the very sweetest of peaches and told me that I can take the space for a month or for a very, very long time. It was all about what works for me and if I am happy. Wow. What encouraging words.

Everything is in the timing, isn’t it? I’m going to give it a go, pray big and eat/sleep/sell vintage. Promise me you will come visit me and my little space! I need to see friendly faces and nothing makes me more giddy then running into a friend I have never met before, but knows little ole me.

Feeling blessed.

FYI – This is a call to all pickers & home-owners. If you are local and have vintage furniture and/or antiques to sell, email me! cbensten@blueeggbrownnest.com

Okay, DH, here is our next adventure. Buckle up!



…work-woman’s table

The term leaving well-enough alone just does not apply in my world. I think I can always do better. I purchased a really special workmen’s table from MMS right after The Luckett’s Spring Market this year. I heart tables like this because I think they can be used in most rooms or pulled out when you need a good lemonade stand. They are old so you really don’t need to worry about a table like this getting dirty or scratched…or very, very sticky.

Here is what it looked like when I had it moved to my home.

IMG_8930 IMG_8933 IMG_8911 IMG_8909 IMG_8908

Gorg, right?

I love the perfectly rustic wood showing through the thin layer of paint, the chunky knobs, rough surface and straight legs. Perfectly farm-like. I was just not convinced of the blue color. It was lovely, but the blues in my home are more turquoise. Every room connects to the foyer so I wanted to make sure that this entry table did not distract from the look I was trying to create.

It’s funny, but the more chaotic my home is with the kids on summer break, the more projects I want to dig into. My brain may just need a place to escape to that does not involve swim lessons and scooter races. My foyer table painting project was an impulse on a Saturday afternoon.


This is sometimes how my projects come about. Sometimes I just need to kick off my shoes, grab some paper towels and my brush. As you can see I didn’t even make time to move the piece outside. Sometimes there is just no time.


I started by painting one swipe of my Country Grey. I loved the look of the wood coming through so this was not working. I took one of my Minion paper towel sheet and wiped in a downward motion.


Oh, yes. Much better. I like what is happening at this point.


Do you see the difference? It is more muted. However, I still see blue. Must repeat process.


Here you can see that I repeated the process until it read more white/cream. I then too my block sander and sanded the surface as well as the edges. I’m happy with how it all turned out. I achieved a really rough look, but lighter which works well in my home.





I do not mind some of the blue showing through because it does not look like an all blue table. It looks worn and loved as it should.



I should also mention that this is where my ringneck birds and French chicken wire cage will go. Not sure how Owen-the-cat will react.

…favorite things friday – birdcages

So, for the last few months I’ve been obsessing about doves. Real. Live. Lovebird. Doves. Not just lovebirds, but lovebirds in a French-inspired, enormous, chicken-wire cage to be placed on my foyer table.


(Above is NOT an actual image of the French shop cage)

Over the Spring I went to the Luckett’s Spring Market with two of my kindred-spirited friends and spent some time walking through the quaint streets of Middleburg. We wandered into a lovely shop that sold imported European items that cost more than my house. The tapestries, furniture, statues and rugs were heavenly.

An older woman with a very fresh face greeted us and with an ever-so soft voice asked if we would like to see the new eggs that were hatched just this morning. Eggs? Hatched? In here? Why, yes!

She lead us into the back of the shop where I laid my eyes on the most amazing bird cage I’ve even seen. The bottom was scattered with beautiful, golden hay and sitting atop a natural branch affixed on either side of the chicken wire frame were a family of ringneck doves. Coo coo.


They were white and soft. Before I realized what she was doing, her hand was through the front door of the cage and she was petting the lady-dove. Then she was picking up lady-dove! Underneath Lady was four, speckled eggs. It was the most gorgeous accessory in any shop I had ever seen. I was almost breathless and my friends turned to me and responded with, “Christen, you need this.”

While I was taking it all in, the woman with stretched skin told us that they had started selling the cages with a dove couple placed inside. I’m sorry, I could OWN this gorgous scene for my very own? Where do I sign up? She put my name on a list to be called when more cages had been handmade. I drove home and with the words along the lines of “This is a life need, DH,” told him about the cage, lovebirds and cost. The package was about $2,000. It was all about paid for in my mind when DH asked me if I had taken any pictures. Well, of course, DH. He studied the cage and within three minutes told me he could make one for me. Oh, Lord, did I choose the right man to marry. It would be the cost of a welder and material, but it could be done.

To make a very long story short, we have had a series of shake-ups here at our nest. Kane went to doggie heaven, Shelly-the-cat walked out on us, and we’ve been renovating. It has not been the time to weld cages or welcome birds. But, there remains a place on my foyer worktable for my birds. I am a September baby and for my 38th, I think lovebirds would be even more spectacular than diamonds!

I’d love to be able to show you an image of the birdcage, but I do not have one. Yet. I do, however, LOVE decorating with birdcages. They add interest to a space even if they don’t have live birds living in them. You can place books or a nest or a small moss ball. The more rustic the better.






In fact, there are so many beautiful accessories that are birdcage inspired. I heart them all.


I promised on September 29th to show you my birthday present. Don’t worry, DH will have a brand new welder’s mask for the project. He loves a project involving a torch.


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