…favorite things friday: raw pieces

I love when I get in raw pieces that are just my style! I also love when local readers reach out to me to sell their special, well-taken care of vintage pieces.

It’s fun for me to offer clients a chance to choose their own color. If you like one of these pieces I can custom paint it for you. You get to choose your Chalk Paint color. The price below includes the piece and the custom color/labor. I can ship via USHIP or a shipping method you provide. If interested, email me: cbensten@blueeggbrownnest.com

Check out these great vintage pieces:


Large Cabinet w/ shelves…$495



Large Vintage Sideboard…$525


Small Vintage Console/Buffet…$395


Vintage Dining Table…$350



6 Vintage Dining Chairs (2 Captains, 4 side chairs)…$85 each

I get lots of inquiries about buying pieces just like these so they may go quickly. I have a first pay, first serve rule. If shipping, we need to figure out that first.




…book giveaway!

I was so giddy getting my copy of Southern Decorating Style in the mail this week! As an English Major, there is nothing more exciting.








My sweet friends at Hoffman Media and I are offering a giveway of a free copy.

1 Entry – Comment on this post

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I will pick the winner next week and mail you your copy.

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…blue egg brown nest: Q&A’s


Here are your Q&A’s. Got questions? Email me at cbensten@blueeggbrownnest.com

I used black chalk paint on a desk, two light layers of paint.  We applied wax, removed excess lightly but did not buff off. Let dry over 24 hours, buffed out but It still looks matte finish and you can see paint brush strokes.  I want to eventually distress, but am wondering if I should try wet standing first.  What is your suggestion?

Did you use Graphite? Graphite and the other darker colors will look more matte due to the hue. Clear wax will give is a very slight sheen, but it will still look fairly flat. If you want more of a sheen then you could use a poly on top. Otherwise, this is the look.


My biggest question right now is I like your Cedar House exterior color, shutter color and trim.  Can you provide me with the brand and colors of these?  I think I know every greige that is out there but as you may know with color, they can go too brown, too green or too blue and when I saw your house, it is exactly what I am looking for.  

It is a Ben Moore stain called Summerset Beige.

Where do you get the burlap you use for your chairs?  I just found some amazing side of the road chairs that I would love to paint and recover.  

I purchase all my burlap from Online Fabric Store. They have many color choices.


I want to paint the chairs french linen but am afraid that would be too much grey.  Any other Annie Sloane colors that would give me a vintage lok but not be too bright or polished looking?

I love Paris Grey. It is a grey-blue color and ads so much elegance.

I was wondering if you’ve ever done a lime wash on oak or any other type of wood?

I have done a white wash as well as a “weathered-wood” technique. The latter has to be done on oak. I have done a You Tube Tutorial showing how.

I was wondering if you would share with me where you bought your lovely bird jars and that gorgeous turquoisy clock?

Jars are from Wisteria. They do not sell them, but I am willing to now part with mine if you are in the US. The clock was from Antique Farmhouse.

I was recently was bitten by your bug and decided to paint a raw wood lingerie chest that I’ve had for thirty years. I followed your directions and applied one coat of French Linen. When it dried it didn’t look so good so I added another coat.  Yesterday I went to the basement to start sanding, which I did with a 220 grit (very fine) sandpaper and all of a sudden I am seeing marks all over the place. You can tell where I sanded and where I didn’t. I’m wondering if they will vanish when I put the clear wax on. Did I do something wrong or is this normal?

Thank for your help!

I have been painting furniture for a little while and had something strange happen that I never encountered before. I bought an old pull down secretary (all wood) an painted it and waxed it with Annie Sloan French Linen.  I took to a store to sell and removed it from the store a month later.  Upon transporting the piece was left in my car for the afternoon and evening. The next day I took out of the car and had noticed that the painted had actually bubbled on a corner and then could be peeled right off!  Have you ever experienced this?

Any suggestions on how to remedy this situation?  I was heart-broken!

Are u still selling the tv screens? If so, could you give me more info. I’m interested in purchasing one.  Thank you

I was wondering where you purchase the furniture that you paint and sell?

I sell on my site. You can find the furniture for sale under “Shop Furniture”. Also, keep an eye on my Facebook page and I will post here first.  In the past at Luckett’s Spring Market (although I have not participated recently due to family things). You can always contact me with your needs too.

Can you paint over poly urethane without having to sand?

If you use Chalk Paint, yet.

I have friend who has a dresser which had bottle of perfume leak on it and the perfume bottle has stuck fast. She is afraid to remove it in case it damages the dresser. If she does, can the dresser be recovered without too much damage?

She can sand down the area and then do touch ups if using ASCP. Easy.

We have a dining table with chairs and a bench which we would like to give the weathered wood look. I watched your video (tutorial) about how to achieve the look, thank you. My questions to you: do I have to use the clear wax? b. is the paint going to came off with time,should I be concerned about getting the paint on the clothes? 

You do not have to, but it will give you a protective layer. No, it will not come off on your clothes.

I have followed your web site and blogs for 2 yrs and finally decided to tackle an armoire given to me….it was black w brown doors…..my husband convinced me to first PRIME it because he did not believe the ASCP would stick…well my primer didn’t really hold and now if I really rub the piece I remove both the paint and primer. Im afraid to wax the piece!!!! what do I do? I Painted it in pure white. HELP!

Is your piece real wood? If so and it were mine I would go back to the beginning. If your paint is peeling then you want to sand it off. If you want a smooth texture then you may have to use an electric sander to really accomplish this. Then just Chalk Paint. Do not use a primer. My main concern however, is what the piece is made out of. This should not happen if used on a wood piece.


…building a business: never say never

I think something that has helped me in my creative business endeavors is an attitude of never say never. It is much easier to see the world in black and white, isn’t it?

Like, I believe in this, I do not believe in that.

The world is supposed to work like this and if it doesn’t then I will dig my heels in and be cranky about it.

People should behave this way and if they don’t I will shame them or withhold until they change.

I think this limited attitude with strict ideas makes us feel more safe. Or tries to make us safe. But, what in this world stays the same? Is so concrete? Certainly not nature – the ocean, the trees, the wind, the clouds. What can those teach us about life and God?


The world is much more grey.

I think if we do not put constraints on ourselves we will be more open to what naturally comes our way. When I first started out, I thought to myself, I definitely want to open up a retail shop. I also thought, I am way to timid to paint other people’s furniture, I will never refinish as part of my business. Things change. Life changes. Home changes. Our minds change.

And that is just fine.

Be compassionate towards yourself. Don’t put borders on your potential by saying things are black and white. I think if we are open then we can more easily bend to wonderful things coming our way as well as things that we may need to turn down. I have turned down many opportunities since starting my business. I used to think I would jump at the chance. Thank goodness some inner voice told me that I was worth taking some time to consider what I really wanted.

This same attitude lets me consider what is to come. I am not sure if I will ever want to have a shop. I do not know if I will ever open a studio or be a vendor in someone else’s space. But, I will always want to keep my options open. This is what I want right now, but maybe in a year or two I will be interested in doing things a different way. Maybe I will want to use new paints or new colors. Maybe I will learn a new technique or meet another artist that makes me grow. Maybe I will stop all together and take up knitting.

How can I say never when I do not know what is to come and how I will feel?


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