…Building Series – Building a Home

Yes, I could talk more about the kitchen we gutted, slate floors we installed, hardwood floors we finished (sanded, stained & poly’ed ourselves – yes we were nuts), french doors we put in and oh, all the painting, but I think it’s about time to get on to the fun stuff. When we decided it was time to tear down our sweet, first home to build.

The story goes something like this. House. (Oh, DH built those shutters too!)

Bulldozer arrives at house.

Bulldozer starts by easily plucking the large oak from the ground.

Bulldozer climbs the hill and in it goes. Christen & Baby Greta gasp from across the street at the sight.

Is that the innards of the front stoop?

Why, yes, it is.

And that is the family room.

There are the deck railings I was telling you that we couldn’t afford right away. I think we enjoyed them for at least 6 months.

Tear. That’s the champagne yellow color of our basement. But, like a falcon, our dear house will rise again! Stay tuned.

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…Building Series – Building a Home

Hi Friends!

I have a few more home renovations before getting to bulldozing this home and building. We had a great backyard in our first home, but needed a deck. Guess who we called? No one! Brent took on the challenge.

I may have hit a few nails in myself. And apparently I work in bare feet.



Due to budget constraints that year, we waited to put up railings 🙂 But, it still worked for brunch with my parents after church.

Oh, DH, Greta is wondering why Daddy’s hair used to be so curly as she looks at this picture from 11 years ago.

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FYI – I have a TON of new (old) pieces coming in,  in process & just completed. Check out the Shop Furniture Section if you are after something.



…Buildling Series – Buildling a Home

Or renovating a home as we are still on our first place. The “master bath” was probably my favorite bit of construction because it was so – much – work. We knew we would be inhereting a yellow, pink or green bathroom when bying in ourneighborhood. Guess which one we got.

I fondly referred to it as mint chocolate chip. And I was happy to see it go.

Oh my! This is what you get for the money living 10 minutes from Washington, DC.

Lots of trash bags to clean up the following. Deep breath.

Oh look, there’s metal netting holding all that green on the wall. Didn’t know that before we started.

Might be my favorite picture of DH. No looking back.

And what is worse, we had to somehow get all the rubble to the street and the country to pick it up.

Ah, but we prevailed.

Travertine tile, a pedestal sink and new hardware. I have to say, it’s a bit sad because 4 short years later a bulldozer came ripping through the roof pulling out all that stone.

Is that a little chip of tile I see?

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