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Blessed once again! Nothing is better than getting a package in the mail that comes straight from a publisher. Isn’t that every English Major’s dream?

It feels like a long time since the photoshoot last Fall. Worth the wait though!













Cottage Style Spring 2013 will hit newstands on March 5th. eeek!



…5 Easy Home Decor Solutions – Lighting

#5 Lighting

DH and I have recessed lighting all over our ceilings, but I am so particular about ambiance that I hardly ever use it in the family, living, dining, study, bedroom, well, any room. Even in the kitchen I prefer my lanterns over my island. Lighting can change your mood and if you have lighting that is too harsh it can be so disruptive to your mood! Yea?

Buffet Lamps. Obviously buffet lamps need a surface to sit on. I prefer symmetry when possible so you will want to have two if you agree. They are best on a console on a wall with a piece of wall art or mirror and a little vignette on the console between them.

(I heart this layout so much & plan on using it in our next house!)

Once again, the lighting is an opportunity to express your interests, color, style.

Floor Lamps. Pick an interesting floor lamp. Not a halogen, please. Even an expensive halogen is not okay. Put it next to your couch and let it live there happily ever after. Use an ivory or cream or better yet a linen or burlap shade. Do not use a white shade. Blak! Bad lighting. You want something to mellow to light in the room and white is not it.

Chandeliers. I feel like I’ve seen chandeliers more & more in sitting rooms and not just in a dining room. I think it’s wonderful and can help create such a cozy affect. Of course, I think you have to select the right chandelier. If putting one in your family room think about texture and fabric. Choose perhaps a drum shade or a wood material.

Sconces. You can’t get cozier than a scone! Put them on either side of your fireplace, down the hallway, between the windows or on a wall that is not quite big enough for wall art. With the right one it will always be a good look. For a family room do not get anything shiny, rather try an oil rubbed bronze or iron or wood.

Thanks for all the positive feedback on the Easy Home Decor New Year’s addition! Plan to do another soon.

Luckett’s Spring Market is coming up and Blue Egg has been invited back! Headed to a few estate sales now 🙂




…5 Easy Home Decor Solutions – Pillows & Accents

#4 Pillows & Accents

Now comes our opportunity for color. What we are doing is layering the room and color is very important so the room does not look washed out. I personally feel like your big pieces work best if they are neutral aka the largest piece in your family room, the couch. Chairs have a bit more flexibility with color, but it’s a benefit to have a solid couch in neutral.

You have the opportunity to introduce your color in your pillows, vases, books, and all those lovely objects I reference in yesterday’s post. I would recommend going with your favorite color. Lighter colors will always create some air in your space, like this light blue and coral above.

Creating color and texture with pillows is a good idea because they are relatively inexpensive. In fact, once you’ve collected a bunch of down inserts you can simply buy the covers that are sold everywhere. Pick your favorite color and introduce it in several places throughout the room.

If you’ve chosen neutral colors in your case pieces, you will not be constricted to a certain color when the fun accessorizing begins. This is the fun part so play. Shop vintage, flea markets, Target, upscale for those few specialty items – say, an urn or lantern or great candlesticks. Chose a bowl, a painting for the wall, flowers, a cool end table, and/or an item from natural. My kids bring in those greenish brown pods we find under Magnolia trees and I have them collected in a wood box on my foyer table. Get creative!

Again, this is another time to let your personality shine. If you love a soft velvet then buy pillows in this fabric. You will want to put 2 of each kind of pillow on each couch. Then a coordinating pillow on any upholstered chairs in the space. I always like to have a least one green item to add a dash of freshness. I love a cute topiary, moss ball, green antique book, bundle of dried hydrangeas, etc. A second rule that I’d recommend is books. Nothing gives personality like a few glossy design books. Make sure they are large, thick and stack them 3 or 4 on top of each other. I heart books so I want them wherever the eye can see in my home!

If you decide in 2 or 3 years that you really hate dried flowers, vintage tea cups, old shoe forms, then find another room for them. Put them in the guestroom or basement common area. These items can be transfer elsewere and you will not have broken the bank buying them and therefore no heartache when moved. Tastes and trends change and accents are inexpensive ways to experiments with trends and color.

Tomorrow #5 – Lighting