Adoptable Kitties

Hi, My long, lost loves! How is everyone? So I’m still moving around furniture, going to barn sales as well as trying my hand at watercolors and oil painting, raising humans and….saving lives. Cat lives. If you’ve followed me for a while you know that my pets always find a way into my photos and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I started working at local shelters socializing and caring for cats and walking dogs. This Spring I started the foster process after wearing DH down!

Ivy, Clover and Holly (from left)

It has been such a special experience and one that I will not stop doing for the rest of life. I’m primarily working with Homeward Trails, which is such a special organization. They seek out animals in need all over the county and outside of the US. They will take in as many cats and dogs as possible from shelters that cannot care for them. I’ve even received a request from a coordinator to grab a flashlight and head over to the 7-11 because someone spotted a mama and her babies hiding amongst the trashcans.

Since Spring is kitty season, we took in a mama and her three babies. It has been an unbelievable experience watching Mama nurse her 1 lb babies and care for them and keep them alive. We almost lost Clover to pneumonia early on.

Holly (Girl), Clover (Boy) and Ivy (Boy) are all available for adoption RIGHT NOW.


As a girl that loves God, I know that offering empathy is, well, pretty much everything. I am trying to teach my kids this concept more than anything else. Right now my family is not able to travel to Kenya or build homes in Honduras, but we can offer shelter to the littlest of creatures.

Ivy, Holly, Clover (from bottom)
Mama, Clover and Ivy

I love this process so much that we also are fostering Lulabelle. A sweet five year old that has been living in and out of homes and is slow to trust. Sweet Lulu. Greta discovered recently that she loves the piano. If we play the piano, she comes running and rubbing. It’s quite amazing. Lulu is also available for adoption.


If you have space in your home and heart for any of these babies, please email me. I pray for the perfect homes for these Loves.

Luckett’s Spring Market – Yes I’m overdue for an update on this one!

I may be trying to live a more mindful, intentional life, but I still love shopping for antiques and old stuff. I went to the Luckett’s Spring Market last May, tredging through the mud with two of my beloved friends that came into town just for our shopping day. The Market no longer takes place on the grounds of Luckett’s and sadly, it lost some of it’s charm for me. It felt more spread out with more vendors and some of the vendors did not have those rare gems that I look for at these markets. Luckett’s puts on a great day rain or shine, but I felt nostalgic for the shop and the vendors from the past.

Here are some of the tents and items that were really fun & inspiring.

And here are me a my dear friends, Kris and Sarah, soaked and happy.

….toasting our friendship and shopping day with cider beer.

So, my favorite vendor for the past few years has been Olde Thyme Market. I love their look so very much. I bought 4 shabby stools from them to go w/ a shabby table I also found.

I saw so many girlfriends meeting at the entrance and excitedly shopping together. Even though it’s not as it was, it is still a great day!

Vintage Chess Set

I decided it was time to teach my kids chess. And of course I needed to teach them on a cool, vintage chess board. Etsy is the perfect place to shop for things like this.

There are so many beautiful, old chess sets on Etsy! What I found fascinating was that most of them were sold from sellers in Russia or Eastern Europe. Who can explain this to me? I know nothing about the origin of chess. My beauty was shipped from a seller in Sofia, Bulgaria.

I love the board with letters and markings. I wanted a set that was pretty enough that I could leave out all the time. The set is sitting on this really cool shabby table that I found at this year’s Luckett’s Spring Market. It needed a little work to make stable, but the chippy quality makes me so happy. I also found four little stools from Olde Thyme Marketplace to perfectly go with the table.

I have been stunned by the fact that Reid continues to beat me every time and he’s never played before. Must practice.