…can i chalk paint outdoor pieces?

I receive many questions about painting outdoors once spring comes around. I have always told people that Annie Sloan paints her own retail shop in the UK (hello, rain) with her own Chalk Paint. Enough said.

I think I have another example that rivals this, however. Dear Daughter, Fiona, was painting with me 2 summers ago with Greek Blue. Unbeknownst to me, she stuck her paws in the paint and proceeded to stamp them all over the sidewalk. You may have remembered me posting about this years ago. Don’t tell the neighbors, but I secretly love this.

Fastforward 2 years and many pounds of snow and rain later and this is what we have on the sidewalk.



Check out that perfect handprint! Like, not faded or changed from when she first did it. Amaze. And just to let you know, DC got dumped on this winter and last winter. I’m talking at least 100 snow days this year and like 300 last year. Or maybe it just feels that way.


So, if you are questions whether or not to paint your outdoor furniture then I would say go ahead. Yes, weather and metal will ware differently than cement, but it will hold up.

…favorite things friday: cutting board decor

I have more cutting boards for decor than I do for actual use. I think a pretty, little stack of boards in a kitchen can be so simple and add interest. I must admit that I was first inspired by this look by the one and only Ina Garten, aka Barefoot Contessa. Obsessed with everything Ina.


I would love to tell you all to go out to a vintage shop and pick up a few, old French cutting boards. For some of you this is an option, for others you can order something similar online. I love these boards from Pottery Barn. They are pretty and practical. Prices vary.




Here are some more images decorating with cutting boards via Pinterest.






This last image makes me want to troll Etsy for vintage boards. Ready, set, go!

…simple. valentine’s. decor.

I realize that many think that Valentine’s is a commercial holiday, but as a mom of three who has been married for 14 years I will take any excuse to go out to a quiet dinner and feel loved for an evening. Not to mention chocolate is always involved and my new tradition of ordering my family Georgetown Cupcakes is pretty exciting. Can. Not. Wait. Until. They. Arrive.


I must admit that I also love the colors of Valentine’s. I heart pink and red combined and although I don’t dress with these colors or decorated my home in them, they are so sweet and pleasing.

Let’s take a break from winter to fill our eyes with these delicate, pink images many of which can be easily arranged for your love. You can achieve any of these looks pretty much with pink flowers – fresh or dried – and an interesting vessel to put them in. Must run to the flower shop myself! (Aka the grocery).











Even if you are not into Valentine’s, I feel like placing flowers in your kitchen, even just for yourself, allows us to break from the cold and mundane of February. Why not.