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Yes. To all those that commented after yesterday’s post on Rust-Oleum. I agree that you get what you pay for and I agree that this paint is not the same quality as Annie Sloan. It is sadly and unfortunately just not as good (I have other thoughts about the Rust-Oleum Topcoat so stay tuned). BUT, I also get so many emails about how expensive Chalk Paint is and I do think it is often out of people’s budget at almost $40 a pint. I don’t want money holding anyone back from painting over that drab furniture and not transforming your space and ultimately your mood. This is most important to me.

Painting furniture is all well in good, but I want to deepen it with you. I really do believe that you deserve a beautiful environment. We work so very hard out there in the world and are constantly battling other personalities and events that push and pull us and every once in a while knock us down. I want you to rest in a place that is pleasing and calm. I think a space can really change our mood. I have been know to leave a restaurant if I do not feel comfortable in the environment…or I just hate the color of the linens. Let me explain. As a mom of three active kids, I do not get out to dinner much with Dear Husband so when I do I want it to be worth putting on make-up and paying for a babysitter. What is around me is how I FEEEEEEL inside.Yes, it’s slightly embarrassing to DH, but I want to sit in Lovely. I realize that I am a sensory person, but I got to believe that if we are surround with beauty then we will feel special and, maybe, beautiful ourselves.


This is the feeling I want for all my sweet readers. I want you to know that you deserve beauty in your life and I think your space can lift you up and prepare you for what the world holds outside it’s walls. So, if money is going to hold you back from changing your space, don’t let it. Get it where you can. If it’s a spray can or a half open can of wall paint that’s been sitting on your garage, let’s move forward creating beauty and creating new lives.

Okay, that sounds a bit lofty, I know. But as someone that is trying to live wholeheartedly (as defined by the beloved Brene Brown) I think finding rest in our space is a good first step to self care. And guess what, self care and compassion is the most important thing that you can do for yourself and for your family. If you put off finding peace in your body and your mind, you may lose the opportunity for contentment in your daily life.

DS (Dear Sister) sent me this amazing reminder via Deepak Chopra this very morning.


How good is that?! To me, this means that thinking I can just plow through my life doing and doing more and it’s not going to take a toll on my body is so misguided. It all works together. My stressed out thoughts will have an effect on how my body works and runs. I am naive to not remember this always. But, before I shame myself, I will have compassion and remind myself that this is a practice. Every day is another opportunity to practice rest and creating beauty because we all deserve it.



  1. The Annie Sloan is usually $34.00 a quart not per pint. plus shipping. I usually order 2-4 quarts at the time. this reduces your per can shipping costs. Since you had to use more Rust-Oleum coats to cover, that’s a consideration in figuring your costs. One quart is enough to paint several pieces of furniture according to size. I don’t think that’s a lot to pay per piece to make a shabby unusable piece of furniture or whatever into something fabulous.

  2. So: YES!!! <3

  3. Miss Sadie says:

    I admit to only using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on some dining chairs, a huge armoire and a twin bed, but I had to purchase three quarts to do these pieces. I had to give everything three coats to get the pieces covered and they were all different types of wood so I can’t blame it on the wood. I much prefer a good brand of regular latex paint over chalk paint and I’ve painted a ton of furniture this way. I don’t plan on using any brand of chalk paint in the future. And don’t even get me started on the Annie Sloan wax… I thought this whole chalk paint thing was supposed to make transforming furniture easier?!? Guess I just don’t care for it and I don’t really like the finished look of my pieces and others I’ve seen for sale in stores that were painted with chalk paint.

    • Can you successfully distress latex paint? Your post makes it seem as if you should be blogging on a different site because this site is about chalk paint and distressing, a look that you said you don’t care for.

      Respectfully submitted,

  4. Lorraine says:

    Really well said. A friend asked me about my painting projects recently as they are new to it and I told her how I only use ASCP and why….I later went back and told her about Rustoleum for the very reasons you stated. If painting inspires her like it has me then she can find her own way on her own budget. I gave her similar advice with regards to quality and coverage so at least she has all the info. Thanks for inspiring. You have a good heart.

  5. Miss Sadie says:


    Just because I do not like the look of chalk paint myself doesn’t mean I can’t read about it. My reply was more for Gayle than anything. I paid close to 40.00 for the quart so I don’t know if my store charges more or what. And it took lots of coats of paint – not cost effective for me at all.

    And who said I like distressed furniture?? I’ve painted and sold quite a few pieces of furniture and none were distressed. Not everyone likes the distressed look. And I live in a “new” old farmhouse .

    As for reading this blog and others, I can still enjoy them without liking that type of furniture myself. How would have I even learned about Annie Sloan paint otherwise? I tried it and don’t like it – just stating my opinion. I know a lot of people do like chalk paint, but there are some of us out there who don’t. Freedom of choice – right?

    And I was not making negative remarks against Christen. She does a beautiful job even if I don’t have furniture like that in my house. Actually, I did many years ago but have moved on in my furniture tastes. To each his own – correct??

  6. Christy says:

    I adore ASCP and have encouraged friends to try it as well. My friends are put off by the cost so I think it is great that there are other products out there for people to try. I was hooked after my first project and know a few of my friends would be too if they just tried it. I love your blog and refer back to it often while searching for furniture for my next project.

  7. Christine says:

    I think creativity is just that…the ability to “create” whatever pleases you, the individual. Judgement takes away creativity. Therefore you can express yourself in your painting, whether it be furniture, walls, canvas…whatever painting method you are most interested in and satisfied with is appropriate to create YOUR look, your personal expression. Your home should be your individual reflection of your persona.

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