…ollie, owen and the bird

If you know me and Blue Egg, you know Ollie and Owen aka my orange tabbies that are total photo-bombers. They just can’t help themselves. Take a look:


IMG_7106 IMG_6830







You get the point. They can’t help themselves. So, yesterday I had to run an errand and because it was an absolutely gorgeous day I left a veranda door open because they were enjoying it so much. I even took a picture because they looked like old grandpas just lounging, living the life.


When I walked in the front door about 20 minutes later I was starteled to find feathers spread all over my kitchen. I had to blink a few times to realize what they were and when I crept around the island, I was so distraught to find this. Brace yourselves, Friends.


I know! It’s too horrible! I screamed into the phone, as I was on with Dear Heather, while I figured out what to do. I gently wraped him in a bag, dug a shallow grave in the front garden and said a prayer. God bless this little bird. 🙁

I have no idea how Ollie and Owen even accomplished it because they have never properly been outdoors. They somehow managed to snatch this bird off the railing or even in thin air and brought him into my kitchen. I know it’s a “gift” when a dead bird comes from a cat, but I haven’t quite forgiven them and am def. giving the silent treatment. Needless to say, when I searched for them after the funeral, this is what I found.


Clearly not remorseful.


  1. Love it! (Not the bird part of course) They are such cats!

  2. Naomi S says:

    Oh, my gosh! Those two are a couple of—I don’t know…crafty, full of themselves felines! But, so cute! Don’t animals–pets in particular–spice up your life? It seems there is always some antic or behaviour to laugh at. When I had my chow-chow, he brought me a dead baby rabbit once. I opened the patio door first thing in the morning and there it was–before breakfast! I was totally obnoxed, but refrained from scolding him as I knew it meant he loved me! Then there was the incident when my labradoodle puppy–large for his age, mind you, snatched the partially-eaten turkey from the dining table and was only discovered after he’d taken it to the back yard to finish it off! Someone must have let him out with that in his mouth, but no one would own up. And where WAS everybody that no one noticed?!!

    Anyway, our pets do provide us laughs, stories and unconditional love. Where would we be without them?

  3. Andrea W says:

    Oh dear….I would have been mortified too, but how sweet that they left you a gift…..just not the one one would think of!

  4. Sarah English says:

    I would love to read more about that mora click.in the background. How did you come to acquire this rare find, and what are your thoughts on the graceful Swedish clock?

  5. Sarah English says:

    I would love to read more about that mora clock in the background. How did you come to acquire this rare find, and what are your thoughts on the graceful Swedish clock?

  6. Charlotte Grossarth says:

    What are your thoughts and ideas of window coverings? I like as much light as possible and seeing the view from inside out…..but I also the the visual warmth and the obsorbing of sound that panels or window covers give….I in a mix of ideas as to what to do with my windows….just wondering what your current thoughts are on this….thank you
    I love your posted pictures of interior design!

  7. Your cats are absolutely adorable. Such personalities! Love the pix of one in your planter. Yes, I feel sad for the bird, no doubt, but it’s natural of course for the cats. At least they didn’t eat it. I’ve found 1/2 birds, ewww gives me the willies just remembering 🙂

  8. Stephanie Robinson says:

    I just found a tiny stray orange kitty in desperate need of help. Of course we are keeping him but I have no experience with cats. How do you keep yours from clawing your beautiful furniture?

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