…Dear Loveseat

Are you right for me or have I lost my mind a little bit? I bought this vintage loveseat from a mom on MONA who inherited it from her mother. She posted it on our listserv and I made a snap decision. What do you think?

I got it home and thought, yes, I think I can make it look pretty cool by distressing and painting the wood. The upholstery is a different story. I called Looney & Sons in Falls Church to see what they would charge to reupholster this piece. I was thinking an unbleached muslin/cotton fabric. They quoted me $500 for just the labor. eeek! So, I said to myself, “Self, you can upholster it.” I have never upholstered anything, but have been studying up. I think I can get the fabric off, but I must admit that measuring is not my strongest suit, as my husband would attest.

Think I can do it? Think it’s worth it?

To be continued…..

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Finished the china cabinet! Here are some before & after shots.


Not the prettiest piece of brown wood, huh?



I decided to try French Linen & Old White, 2 to 1. At first I thought the color was a little too light, but it darkened as it dried. I also used dark wax to make it look more aged and sanded the edges to reveal wood.


I think what you put in a piece is as important as what the piece itself looks like. I always try to put old books in and on everything because, well, I love books! I also used some old china plates I bought off Etsy, a candelabra from Germany that my mom brought me, some canisters from Anthropologie and some oldish looking garden artichoke statues.



If your interested in owning this piece email me at cbensten@gmail.com

Knock, knock


Found this old door in one of the little barns at Lucketts. It was behind a metal shelf filled with alot of little weird figurines, glass bottles, etc. But, I spotted it and had to have it. Originally I thought I was going to use it as my head board and hang it horizontally. I had one of the young guys at Lucketts get it into my car and headed home. My handy-man, Brent, said that it might be too heavy for behind the bed (I’m not convinced this wasn’t a ploy to get out of hanging it). But, I think it looks neat just leaning against the wall in my living room.

A living room is kinda a delicate, lighter room where no one really sits in, but everyone passes when they walk in the door. This old door against the wall adds some interesting contrast.

  Yes, I still need curtains in this room! Don’t have the budget for them yet, but I’m thinking silk dupioni in a spa blue.