…In with the old

Every Saturday when I was little I’d move around my entire room full of furniture. I always wanted a change in my space and I thought it was fun. A little strange, I realize.

I had to move around some things to fit the new china cabinet in my dining room. I was afraid it was going to look like too much furniture to move the buffet table into the adjoining hall, but, well, is there ever anything as too much furniture?

Hmmm, I think maybe framed prints on either side of the cabinet to fill in that space. Maybe 2 on each side. Maybe I’ll chalk paint the frames. Maybe not. Maybe gold. Maybe bird prints. Always bird prints.

Moved around some things like the lady with no body.

And caught a little lady lounging before school.


…Dear Loveseat

Are you right for me or have I lost my mind a little bit? I bought this vintage loveseat from a mom on MONA who inherited it from her mother. She posted it on our listserv and I made a snap decision. What do you think?

I got it home and thought, yes, I think I can make it look pretty cool by distressing and painting the wood. The upholstery is a different story. I called Looney & Sons in Falls Church to see what they would charge to reupholster this piece. I was thinking an unbleached muslin/cotton fabric. They quoted me $500 for just the labor. eeek! So, I said to myself, “Self, you can upholster it.” I have never upholstered anything, but have been studying up. I think I can get the fabric off, but I must admit that measuring is not my strongest suit, as my husband would attest.

Think I can do it? Think it’s worth it?

To be continued…..

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Finished the china cabinet! Here are some before & after shots.


Not the prettiest piece of brown wood, huh?



I decided to try French Linen & Old White, 2 to 1. At first I thought the color was a little too light, but it darkened as it dried. I also used dark wax to make it look more aged and sanded the edges to reveal wood.


I think what you put in a piece is as important as what the piece itself looks like. I always try to put old books in and on everything because, well, I love books! I also used some old china plates I bought off Etsy, a candelabra from Germany that my mom brought me, some canisters from Anthropologie and some oldish looking garden artichoke statues.



If your interested in owning this piece email me at cbensten@gmail.com