…a day in the life

Onto my depression. Just kidding. Not really, but third week in February and I’m just about ready to laugh through the worst month of the year that can tear me down to tears. In this spirit, I thought it would be kinda funny to post pictures of my daily life in the house that you usually see only in an organized and clever light. I remember getting lovely comments after my first piece of press, but I also remember some comments about how obnoxiously pretty my house looks. I was more frustrated than anything because, hello mean-people, it was a photoshoot of course I put away the dirty laundry  and threw away the juice boxes lining the interior of the house!

Here’s a peek at a day in the life in our nest. Feel free to laugh. Oh, and be aware that Ollie and Owen make a big showing here.


















We try not to take ourselves too seriously around here.

…favorite things friday: le creuset ON SALE!

One King’s Lane is having a sale on Le Creuset today and before I purchase a few essentials myself, I had to tell you all about it! If you do not have a staple dutch oven from Le Creuset, you must treat yourself. I literally cook with it every single night, keep it out on my stove all year round and would die without it. Okay, not die, but definitely be lost. If I only had this dutch oven and one spoon in my kitchen to cool with I would be okay.




There are many colors, but you may recognize the fire orange (it’s also the one I own.) You want the size here that Ina is holding and you know you can’t go wrong if it’s a piece she uses.


Check out the sale here.

Happy cooking!


I hope she does not kill me for posting this, but I know you have been asking me about the beautiful artwork that hangs in my interiors for years. You want to know who did it and where to buy it.

Small Room Design

The answer is my family – my mother-in-law, Celia. She is a super artistic person in her own right and her style comes out through her own gorgeous interiors and many artistic endevors. We have much in common in this way. There is joy and purpose in keeping our hands busy while creating something beautiful.

Celia started creating these paintings maybe 6 years ago – or at least that is when I first saw them popping up as house-warming gifts for her children. She created two beautiful custom pieces for our home when we first moved in with the colors of my home.

Small Room Design

I was brought to tears when she arrived early Saturday morning, my Luckett’s move in day, to take care of the kids with a painting in hand. I could not think of a more perfect and thoughtful gift – childcare and art! I literally wanted to hang the piece in my home right then and there. It is a beautiful blue with flecks of brown and at the bottom, subtle brush strokes of brown depicting the idea of a nest.

I know you want to get your hands on her work and I am trying to gently peer pressure her into selling a few. I have hung this beautiful piece in my patch of land at Luckett’s with a little sign saying it is for display in the hopes that there will be some coming along in the near future.

Thank you again, Frammie. Love you.


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