…This Old House

So fun to seeing Blue Egg Brown Nest on This Old House! This is our Hide & Seek screen introduced by Frammie (my MIL) & built by my DH, stylized by yours truly.


The back story is is that I really wanted window seats so the flatscreen had to find a home above the fireplace. I know this is a big issue of debate. But, the screen has helped and it was a great project. I heart having a handy husband!

I hunted down some vintage bird & botanical prints & had custom mats made for them.

The frames are cheap-o ones from Michaels that I stained and added gold leaf to – another tip from Fram!

DH had to get custom hinges made to make the screen open easily. It’s a bit more tricky than it looks.


Very happy with the finished product minus the fact that I get in trouble when I accessorize the mantel too much and the TV won’t turn on. I can’t help it!

I’m making a few screens now in French Linen. Already have the prints and this little gal has them painted.

FYI – Come see Blue Egg Brown Nest at the Home & Remodeling Show Jan 20th at 1:00 – 2:00.


…Favorite Things Friday – Le Creuset & a confession

I’m not sure we’ve discussed my secret addiction, but I think I’m ready to confess. Well, let me just show you a picture.



I know, it’s a bit ridiculous. I won’t tell you the exact amount, but it’s over 25 varieties.

I thought I deserved a lovely tea kettle since I knew I would have a good return on investment. And Le Creuset is the best.