…Antique Farmhouse Designer Pick!

I’m super excited to be selected as Antique Farmhouse‘s Designer Pick! I love this online shop, as you know. They offer so many vintage and antique replicas that you just cannot find in stores. I have been telling you how special it is for years. In fact, often times when I received their sale emails I think how hard I tried to find those very items years ago before they existed. The cottage/farmhouse style is actually attainable to us now!

The way the Designer Pick works is that I got to select one of Antique Farmhouse’s products to showcase in my home. I totally went for the Unique Double-Sided Scale Clock.

I heart when a product is multi-functional. It makes me feel like it is not just a pretty item taking up space, but a useful tool in my space. Here are several ways that I have used my Scale Clock!




A velvet pumpkin display could be used for my kitchen or any room in the house.

I placed the scale with real produce as well – gorgeous tomatoes!




Here is the clock even in my living room sitting on top of some design books. Blends perfectly, yes?


I have decided that the front foyer table will be the clock’s home for now. I love using it as a decorative catch all for keys and iphones. It’s perfect because I also know what time it is when I get home.



Of course, my favorite kind of decorating is one where my life becomes intwined. Ollie and Owen never miss a photo op!


Two cats, a clock and some old books. Just about perfect in my book.


Be sure to read tomorrow’s post for an opportunity to win a free Scale Clock! You will also be able to purchase at Antique Farmhouse Thursday!


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So, I thought life was going to slow down a bit when all my kids were in school, but that just has not happened yet. In fact, it just gives me an extra 2 and a 1/2 hours to cram stuff in to get done. Not sure that is great self care. Must. Work. On. That.

I took a week to celebrate 38 years on the planet and bask in DH spoiling me. I truly do not know another man that treats his wife the way that DH treats me. I am so blessed to have met and married a diamond in the rough. Kiss.

He wisked me away to a magical place where there were tapestries, hand-painted portraits on the walls, intricate lattice wallpaper, lavish window treatments, fabric dripping from the ceilings, dim lighting from the sconces on the walls, English sheep in the fields, and a world renowned chef to cook for us.

Never have I ever.





It is another reminder of the importance of space. A beautiful space is magic and can press into your memories and imagination just like beautiful smells, music and food. It is like waking up all your senses. At least it is for me. When I am in a space that is cozy and thoughtful, clean and well-decorated, I feel the happiest. I feel comforted and taken care of in a cold, cruel world.

We soaked up the precious spaces inside and out and thought little of our stresses and responsibilities outside of the mountain horizon.





The landscape, food, people and magic in the air made me feel new again. It was an inspiring reminder to look for beauty in my every day life and if it’s too hard to see, then a drive out to the country is in order for this gal!

I must say that having tea with my Dear Husband in the cozy banquet with lattice while we watched the rain outside the large windows was my very favorite part. I heart tea and DH loves a sweet tea cookie!



…favorite things friday: gold love

I don’t meant to take a hard turn from rustic love, but there is something so pretty about introducing a bit of gold into a space. I have always said that you can’t have a room that is all antiques and old, painted furniture. You need to have a bit of balance and that means combining new and old in an edited way. I know it can be a bit tricky to know what works, but looking at images really helps. I had lunch with a dear friend yesterday who said she was looking for a coffee table. My mind immediately went to gold. Here is what I mean.






Lovely, right? It’s a bit sleeker without being gaudy. It is also a lighter, airier look while still anchoring the room. If you room is rather cramped looking it could really be a good choice for you. A look like this really works in a living room.

The good news is that you can find tables like this all over the place in many price points. Here are a few examples with links…


Phoenix Coffee Table


Monaco Coffee Table


Horchow Coffee Table

On a side note, while having lunch with said friend, we “ran” into Nats player Bryce Harper. He is way, way in the background with the baseball at.