…master bedroom interiors

As you know, we have been under a bit of dust over here in our nest. We have refinished our wood floors, built a patio with landscaping, replaced all our carpeting, designing a theater room, painted and added wood flooring to the master. I’m sure I’ve inhaled way too many fumes, but, alas, so worth it.

I am not finished re-designing our master, but it is coming along nicely. I changed the color to Ben Moore’s White Dove – which I would recommend if you are looking for a lovely, soft white. In our white bedroom it actually reads as a slight aged while, like a linen dress. In the process I took everything off the walls. I love doing this because it gives me the opportunity to look at my space with fresh eyes.

I have old shutters that I found at Luckett’s years ago that I have used for a screen. They are grey and remind me of French Linen Chalk paint. I decided to move these behind my chaise, add an area rug, a new chandelier. I also had to paint a few pieces and am expecting some mirrored nightstands this week. My favorite new detail is the pressed floral prints that I bought to cover an entire wall. I promise to reveal all soon – and in color 🙂

I thought I would just give you a few pix to let you in on what what happening.



Architectural elements always work as an interesting contrast to new items, like this mercury glass lamp.


I like to buy 2 of everything when it comes to display items like these monkeys. It adds symmetry.


Here is a look at the area rug that I chose. In love.


I have two dress forms and considered sells this one, but for now she’s staying.


You know how I feel about old doors.


Resin bust. Resin antlers. Reid, of course, can’t help but be a ham.



This is the light fixture I chose. I will give you the secret to my source when I post final pix.


A little reminder of vacation hanging on my armoire.

DH hates hanging multiple pix, but he is so good at measuring!




I had to buy this duck egg blue journal for my nightstand.



The master is probably my favorite room in my house and deserves lots of attention.


…duck egg desk

A vanity or a desk is a perfect piece to do a bright color. I have actually done a few in Duck Egg. I was thrilled to hear from my former pottery teacher asking if I would help with her daughter in-law’s vanity.

Here is the before. It is a typical desk-type with brassy hardware. Check out the legs and the detail, though. Perfect places for Chalk Paint.


Here is the after in Duck Egg Blue.






I love how it turned out. This color also photographs well.

Need a piece refinished? I am here to help! Email me a photo of your piece and I will give you an estimate. cbensten@blueeggbrownnest.com


…beach pieces & painted hardware

This summer was a bit of a whirl-wind, but I do not believe I posed Diana’s lovely pieces. I was reminded of this when I had the pleasure of seeing her and her wonderful husband yesterday afternoon when she dropped off a few more to be refinished.


She was placing two dressers in her new beach house. There were a few decisions to be made about the hardware. It was an interesting color and as you know, my rule is if it looks old & cool then keep it. However, if you are after a softer look then you will wan to paint.


We took a look at the piece without hardware painted and she decided she wanted the hardware in the same French Linen to soften the look.



I think the hardware still looks interesting with all the crevices.

Her other piece was refinished in Country Grey with the raw hardware. You may recognize this piece from my Clear Wax w/ Rag Tutorial.





When you are deciding whether or not to leave the hardware as is just be sure you take it all off and paint the entire drawer. If later on you decide you want to change out the hardware and it’s a different shape you won’t have to touch up your piece. You want to have the freedom to change you mind – which Diana did 🙂

She brought me the hardware to paint as well as some great pieces that I’ve already started. I joked that this time I was going to deliver the pieces to her beach home myself…and stay a few days 🙂




A great piece of furniture will elevate any refinishing. Painted hardware or not, if it’s a great piece it will always look like a great piece.

PS-I heart working with great people!