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Thank you to my sweet and thoughtful friends at Arlington Magazine for their mention of Blue Egg Brown Nest in their “Best of Arlington Issue” out this month. I am super humbled by the kind words.


Here is a look below:



…building a creative business: place

As I mentioned, DH treated me to the most lovely experience at The Inn at Little Washington for my birthday in September. I am secretely – or not so secretly – hoping it is going to become an annual tradition.


I must say that the one of the main reasons I loved it, besides the atmosphere and the food, was that it was so inspiring to hear about Patrick O’Connell’s story. In the little documentary playing on the tv in our guest room, we learned that he deliberately went to Washington, VA – a town where there was NOTHING with the intention to create a home for himself. He believes there is a place for everyone in this world; a place where we are meant to be. Washington was his.


His success grew from this belief.


I think I am so impressed by this because he did not seek out the hottest city with the greatest restaurants and traffic. He listened to his inner compass and chose a place suited for him – AND THEN SUCESS FOUND HIM!!!


Who would have thought that people all over the world would come to a little southern town in Virginia to have a meal. But they do! It is not because he has commericals and great marketing. It is because he created something authentic to him and mastered it and the world took notice.


I left with this notion impressed upon me. It makes me think about all that I am and all that I do and how if it is authentic to me and originates from my brain no matter where I am there is a possibly to be met with greatness. I think the struggle is to stay in our own skin and be patient. I think reaching out can be helpful of course, but there is such a silent confidence in working hard and staying true to yourself that will create a lasting effect. I think it would certainly keep us centered and grounded and help us to only do what we know to be right by ourselves.


…save the dates

I know many of you are dying and trying to get out to Luckett’s. Well, I have a perfect opportunity for you to make the trip! Luckett’s Holiday Open House is coming up November 6,7,8! I must tell you that they do not pay me to talk up the shop. I just truly love it and love the look of the home decor they sell. It is worth the trip out. You can find treasures in the main shop, the outdoor pavilions and the Design House, which is the house just down the gravel pathway on the property. They do such a beautiful job around the holidays. You will not be disappointed. Promise.

Here is a peek at the kinds of items you will find in the Design House.




Ollie and I think you should def go check it out.


 Luckett’s Store

42350 Lucketts Road

Leesburg, VA 20176

Shop Phone:  703-779-0268

Shop Email:  luckettstore@gmail.com