…learning from luckett’s

I guess it’s been enough time that I can share with you a little phone call that I got last spring. It was from the go-to gal, Heather, at Luckett’s and she was offering me a room in the shop. For those of you that don’t know what Luckett’s is, it is an old house turned into one of the coolest, vintage-hip shops around. My dad used to take me there when I was little to search throughout the rooms for treasure. Everything is vintage and/or antique.


It’s also the location of the Luckett’s Spring Market that I’ve participated in for a few years now.




Well, for vendors there is also a 10 year waiting list to get a room IN the house. I have NOT been on the list for 10 years, maybe 2 or 3, but Heather thought I would be a great fit. I was super flattered, nervous and excited all at the same time. I told her I needed a few days to think about it. She said she was offering it to me before opening it up to any others. WOW!


Rewind 4 years when I was salivating to get into a shop like this. I would have said yes as soon as the words came from her mouth. But, I’ve been learning through therapy to Stop. Take a pause. Take a breath. And that’s what I did. For 3 days. On the third day I called Heather and turned down the room.

It was hard to break my own heart. I cried and moped around and doubted myself for the full 3 days. Then after the call, where Heather said something like, “I like you even more now because you are putting your family first.” I realized I wasn’t disappointing her. I wasn’t hurting anyone. I had made a big-girl decision on my own that factored in ME and MY FAMILY. After the call I honestly have thought little about it. I think that’s what happens when you stay true to yourself.



(Let your true inner flower-child shine, girl.)

Yes, the decision was for my 3 little kids and my husband that I didn’t want roped into my craze of hunting and gathering and setting up every week. But, more than that, I really didn’t want to put it on my own back to carry. I’ve always had this idea that if I worked every second of the day every day doing WHATEVER then I would feel worthy and be worthy. Sitting in a spot and feeling safe is not do-able for me. I’m working on it, but really not easy. As Dear Therapist says, “If it were easy, I’d be doing it.” Even in all the pain I’m in these days, I still do not feel okay staying put.

Last month I met two gals at my Zumba class. They had started their own business and had grown so large that they were selling their product in Whole Foods up and down the East Coast. I was amazed and told them so, and what they said back to me shocked me. They were tired and burnt out and could not sell the company fast enough. They could not be the moms they wanted for sure and more than that they were unhappy with how they were spending their time working like dogs. Huh.

It made me feel pretty proud of the decision I had made. Staying small is actually good. You may not get into Whole Foods or Luckett’s staying small, but instead you could maintain some sense of peace and control in your life & business. I think that’s worth the trade.

After all, how was I going to teach my little chickens how to paint if I wasn’t around?





DH was not too keen on stopping by the local rummage sale on the way out of town. It was being held at the local fire station and from a distance looked a bit, well, questionable. Meaning, at first glance we saw quite a bit of dusty Christmas decor, crocheted bits of clothing, wooden ducks, etc. You get the idea. But, as a treasure hunter I can’t help but see it as a challenge.

Cool vintage pieces do not look cool in the environment that you buy them in. They look cool when you pluck them out of some random setting and put them along with some other lovely furniture & textiles in your beautiful home. I’d say it takes vision and a bit of faith. Don’t spend a ton of money either.

I found this cool lobster crate under a women’s table. Ironically, I recently bought one for myself from Stylish Patina so I know what they are going for.



Here is the one I put in my home.


Vintage Lobster Crate – $145

I always look for wood in my peripheral because typically it means old wooden boxes, which are always useful & cool looking.



This one is large enough for a three year old to fit into 🙂 Large Wooden Box w/ Lid – $125


Great, large storage box. I can imagine for extra toys in the family room or throw blankets. Large Open Vintage Crate – $95


An old bread box. $75



It’s almost impossible not to meet some interesting characters at flea markets. There was a gentlemen that tried desperately to sell me a $700 leather saddle that he said was used in the movie “Oklahoma”. Hmmmm. I turned him down after several attempts on his part, but did concede to the super cool metal horse bits he had in a bucket.


Metal Horse Bits – $17 each. I think they wood look really interesting on a coffee table in a cool bowl or the like. Love old equestrian ware.


There were quite a bit of old, glass bottles, but this was was especially special. Love the color. Vintage Blue Bottle – $19

Email if interested. I will be posting them in my Vintage Finds this week w/ dimensions. cbensten@blueeggbrownnest.com




Don’t under estimate the effect you can have on a room using Antoinette. Just like the name suggests it is a feminine, lovely & soft color – pink. Here’s Annie’s description: “Old fashioned roses and the colour of old plaster. This is a soft pale pink with a hint of brown in it so the pink is not too sweet.”

Last week I refinished a bed for little Fiona – not my Fiona, but another one just as cute! Her mama found this super sweet spindled twin bed at Goodwill.



Yes, I did get a bit of Antoinette on the side of my house. Not the first time 🙂





A dear friend gave me this sweet, little vanity & it was the fitst piece that Greta painted on her own. She did an amazing job!




It didn’t sell at Luckett’s so I brought it home and decided to let her have it in her room. After all, she needs a place to water color her Irises 🙂