…happy & cozy thanksgiving

Hi My Lovely Readers.

It’s time for me to sign off for the week because I just can’t seem to keep up with all the Thanksgiving activity. I am thankful for all of you & your support of Blue Egg Brown Nest throughout the years. I wish you a warm & cozy holiday.

Here’s some inspiration via Pinterest. I’ll be back with more holiday decor inspiration next week.

With love.


…favorite things friday…burlap runner

Please tell me Halloween is over! I’m exhausted from all the activity, spider webs, sick of all the chocolate, not to mention DH lost two of my children trick or treating for a good two minutes last night. Done!

Can we please move on to cozier holidays like Thanksgiving? It really is the sleeper holiday because even though cooking a turkey is not the easiest or quickest thing in the world, I find that it is a more relaxing holiday. Although I’m not crazy about turkey gravy bowls, I do think a beautifully set Thanksgiving table is just lovely. It also lends itself to a rustic look with the fall leaves, branches, candles and how about some burlap?


I used to have a burlap table runner on my kitchen table all year round, but quickly found that that does not really work with three kids, homework, crafts and very messy dinners. It is perfect for holidays, however.



Vintage or fancy.


There are many crafters on Etsy that make these. I happen to love the ones with ruffles like Precious Peas offers for just over $20!