…Before & After: The Sully

I thought it would be fun to do a week of Before & Afters. When I was in marketing and we worked on presentations, the best slides were images of what was and what it turned into. In the design industry, sometimes it was a plot of land and some times it was a dated structure that needed new life. Chalk paint is the renewal of what a piece was and the imagining of it’s potential; using the piece once again and loving it in it’s new light. Besides all that, who doesn’t love a great make-over story?

I said goodbye to The Sully last week, but it went to a good home. The new parents being the cutest couple. By the end of the interaction, we were inviting them to dinner & asking them if they’d consider moving to Arlington! hahaha.

Here is the grungy, brown before.

IMG_6813   IMG_6814

Here she is in process…that’s one coat of French Linen.


And here is 2/3 coats before the waxing process. You can see that I wanted complete coverage.


Here it is completely finished and posed out in front of my garage aka my photo studio (where I take most of my photos. Thank you DH for letting me get the barn doors).







Hope that bourbon is nice & cozy in there, Forest!



  1. Beautiful!!! I love it!

  2. Looks great, love the detail in the doors. I just finished my first French Linen piece and I love it. Wasn’t sure about the color at first but once the dark wax goes on… I think it’s my new fav.

  3. Oh I love before/after pictures! Incredible transformation of, well, a hideous piece of furniture into gorgeous-ness!

  4. beautiful work. you do amazing transformations. I am curious how you ship your items? does someone come to your home to pickup and pack? what is the average cost to ship?
    thank you.

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