…Blue Egg Brown Nest Home Colors: Master Bedroom

I wanted something bright/light in my master. I “like” it, but if I’m being completely truthful, I wish it was a few shades more muted. It gives the warmth that I want, however.


Again, it allows me to layer whatever I want into the room without being constricted by the wall color. I’ve chosen cottage-y whites.



Here is the amoire I finally found and painted it to match. Love that chalk paint allows you to transform a piece to YOUR space! Love my Annie Sloan Old White.




A vintage doll? No, just my Fiona.



It’s a no toy zone as you’ve heard me say before and my serene oasis from just about everything.




(Arlington Magazine)


(Cottage Style Magazine)


Good luck to all of us during Spring Break next week!


  1. Oh such an amazing room!!! I LOVE that cabinet!!!

  2. Hi Christen your room is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us. I am a new follower I found you via Youtube when I was doing a search on Annie Sloan paint. I have not jumped a board the chalk paint movement, but I am hoping st. My family in I live in a small NYC apartment, with no green space. We finished an entire buffet project – sanding, repairing, and priming all in our hallway – it was taxing to say the least.. We want to make it easier, is it really true that we can skip the priming and sanding with this paint? You have probably answered this question before, but I am really nervous about just starting the process without having talked to someone about it first. So if you find a moment to get back to me, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.

    • christen says:

      Hi Charity! Yes, no prepping necessary. Just start painting! Enjoy.

      • Hi Christen! I was going to ask you the same thing that Charity did. But one thing that keeps nagging at me and I’m not sure about is if I have a piece of furniture that I’m wanting to do has some issues of repair. ie: dings, deep scratches, cracks/especially joint cracks….what product do you use to repair them with? Or do you?…does the ASCP take care of this? Sure would love to know!

        Do you use ASCP on ALL of your furniture?

        Thank you for taking the time to read this. I know you must be so busy! What a beautiful bedroom!!! Love your Tutorials!

        ~Melanie @Two Little Witches
        PS:: I love the name of your business…I have “blue eggs and brown nests” throughout the decor of my house 😉

      • Hi!
        I have watched ALL of your tutorials numerous times. When I did my first piece (my coffee table) I would run back and forth to watch them to make sure I was doing the steps in order. I really like the way it looks and now look around, saying to myself, “OK, what can I paint now?!”

        Question: how do you get the dark wax out of the crevices? The surfaces, with steel wool are easy, but not sure what to do with those cracks, etc. and around the ornate parts, for example, the top of your armoire.

        You have a beautiful family!


  3. Love, love the room, esp. how you painted the pieces, esp. the amoire. What a touch you have acquired. Re your amoire – looks like you faintly stenciled onto it. Amazing look, all so muted. Do you have directions, or more pics. Wow.

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