…building a business: recharging creativity

I think creativity comes from every aspect of our life and if we are paying attention we will learn from it. However, if we do not recharge our bodies & our brains, how can we be awake enough to not miss the moments? If we are burned out & dried up how can we be open enough to let in more ideas?

I know even when I’ve been painting for hours there comes a point when I know I need to stop. My eyes dry up a bit and my fingers start getting sore. It’s time to stop and return when I’m rested & fresh.

I think the same goes for our businesses. We cannot be producing and creating without giving our bodies & minds a rest. I reminds me alot of being a mom and when a mom is more rested, she is able to be more effective as a parent & more enjoyable as a spouse.

Don’t underestimate rest.

It seems I’m not the only blogger/DIYer feeling it. Design Sponge recently posted about her need to rest – as well as treat herself to french fries & croissants. Yes, ma’am!


During these times my heart’s desire is to bury myself in a book in a quiet place with a cat and a cup of tea. Mind you this opportunity rarely happens.

I feel this way when I look at a beautiful photograph or do yoga or dinner alone with my husband far, far away.


It is not selfish time. It is important time spent clearing your mind so you can turn around and plow forward once again. Don’t deprive yourself of it.



  1. Christen, you´re absolutely right in every aspect!

  2. michelle rhodes says:

    Beautiful advice! Love your blog!

  3. Thanks for this. I have forced myself to have a ton of self control this week. And I have gotten a ton done. But all I want to do today is look at the fire in my hearth and watch pretty Jane Austin movies and not think about the paycheck that my husband may not be getting on the 20th. So I think I may let myself post tomorrow and go get another bowl of the peach cobbler I made this morning and watch movies with my kids.

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