…rust-oleum ranting

“Can you successfully distress latex paint? Your post makes it seem as if you should be blogging on a different site because this site is about chalk paint and distressing…”

Wow. I didn’t realize I had hit such a hot button with many people when I decided to use and post on an alternative to Chalk Paint. It seems that I need to clarify a few things that maybe did not come across in my last 2 posts. Bear with me as I try not to get emotional.

  1. I love Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and I use it exclusively for my clients.
  2. I am a curious person and as such I like to educate myself on new products. I think this is what a wise person does.
  3. I did not like the texture of Rust-Oleum paint. I do like the Topcoat.
  4. I will try new paints and products out in the future so if this is confusing or intolerable, then please read another blog.
  5. Sure, you can use latex and distress it! Why the hell not? Go try it.
  6. I would rather my readers find a passion and love for transforming older pieces using whatever paint that works for them from a monetary perspective and a taste perspective. I am not the paint police and I do not want to be.

I come from a place of scarcity where buying new furniture was never a luxury we had, but home and my space meant more to me than anything because of the feeling of safety and beauty that I could achieve with my two hands. I love that I stumbled upon ASCP seven years ago, but there is not just one way to produce a look – my look. I think thinking inside the box is limiting. What you may not know, or maybe I will just say it again, is that I get HUNDREDS of emails a year telling me that buying Chalk Paint is too expensive. I have empathy for this position. I hear that many of you think it all evens out in the wash with the number of coats and if that’s what works for your budget and time, then good for you.

Damn, I hate defending myself, but being quieter is worse for me. So, to the people that want to put me in a box and label me as this or that, I won’t stay in those nice and neat walls. I’d rather speak to those that want to expand their homes and lives in whatever way they can. It’s a bigger picture that I care about.

PS – To those that share my perspective and enjoy being here with me, I am sorry for the rant.


…rust-oleum chalked?

I haven’t left you! Just have a few projects in the hopper that take me away from writing, but know you always have my heart 🙂

Okay, you know how I feel about my Annie Sloan paint, right? Love it to the moon and back. So, when a friend and fellow vendor asked me to help out with her client’s pieces and told me she was using a product found in Home Depot, I was a bit curious. I am totally open to trying new products and comparing. I was really interested in seeing howRust-Oleum Chalked held up.

Here is Sue, from the Treasured Hunt, and I the day we were neighbors at Luckett’s Spring Market a few years ago. I love meeting sweet people doing the same thing I am. It’s a lovely, little community.


And here is the paint that she was using for the pieces.


Sue was working with Linen White and since I was to match her pieces, I used it as well. You can find this paint at Home Depot online as well. The paint is for refinishing furniture just as ASCP. This Linen White is comparable to Pure White. Here’s what it looked like when I cracked the paint open. The texture is similar, but not as thick.


This is what a first coat looks like.


You may notice that it is a bit more thin than other paints. This was the biggest difference. I know some painters like to water down or spray their paint to smooth it out so this may be a good choice for you. Here is another look at a first coat on a bit of a relief area.


I ended up doing two coats and touch ups. I also used the Rust-Oleum Topcoat, which I will discuss tomorrow. Here are the results.






You will see that it looks very similar. I did find that the paint does not settle like ASCP so you will see more paint lines. You will always have paint lines when you paint pieces, but I found that theRust-Oleum paint did not diminish at all. Not a deal breaker, but just something to be aware of.

My thoughts?

Rust-Oleum Chalked runs about $13 a can, which is way cheaper in comparison to Annie Sloan, which is $38 a can. It looks similar to other furniture paints, but it handles a bit different. It is more thin and does not settle after applied. These are not necessarily negatives unless you prefer the feel of a thicker paint, which I do. You can sand down some of these lines and that will help. You may also need a few more coats.

Tomorrow I will show you how the top coat works.




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I am a day late in wishing all you mother’s a happy day, but I was basking in the blessing of Dear Husband taking care of all the parental duties around here, which also included my very, very favorite breakfast – eggs benedict. I would eat egg benedict for every meal if I had a choice.

You know I love design in all forms and I can’t help but get excited about fashion and products and food and travel that reflect who I am on the inside. A good design is a good design. No matter if is a rug, a pillow, a door, a dresser, a hangbag or a certain dress that could have been inspired from a vintage handcerchief. I do love pretty clothes, especially ones that mirror who I feel like inside. It’s just another opportunity to express to the world who this recovering shy girl is.


So, after my delicious breakfast (Oh my, my mouth is watering just tying about it) and a sit on the couch with my coffee, DH and my three darlings offered me a their gifts of hand colored treasures, beaded necklaces, paper flowers and all the things that I will never tire of. The Peony and Suede Blush was in a little box. Sweet and light.


The handkerchief dress in a big black box. I think it’s so sweet when a man buys a girl a dress. Yes, I may have hinted about this particular one, but he went out and bought it.


After an amazing and life-changing Thai massage we went to a local pub for lunch. Oh, how this former vegetarian loves a good burger now days. Yes, Ma’am.


I have to say, though, that my very favorite part was getting my kids to watch my favorite movie in our basement theater. They sat through the entire showing of Breakfast at Tiffany’s and God-bless Reid for crying when Holly Golightly kicked Cat out of the taxi.


I hope you all were blessed with the love you deserve and were able to really take it in. There are times when I cannot take in love and just shrug it off and think I have to do more and try harder. Yesterday I didn’t do that. I let the love come to me and really let it in. In return I felt showered by those that I share life with and honored to be the mom that I am.