…chicken cabinet sale

You all have been on the journey of my hunt, purchase, shipment, and refinishing of my cabinet that I endearingly called my “chicken cabinet” (basically because I took out the glass and added chicken wire). Well, like many items in my house after I have changed & enjoyed them, I am ready to sell.


It is such a beautiful cabinet and I’ve been told that the refinishing job is perfect by a few local interior designers. I just have a habit of wanting to change things up in my house. It’s motivating for me and kind of a habit. Good thing I do this furniture thing as a job.

If you recall, I found this antique cabinet in upstate New York for $700. It took a few hundred and many weeks to finally get the piece to me. Then I Chalk painted & milk painted it. I also added the chicken wire. Needless to say, the process was involved.






This beautiful cabinet is a well-made antique. I am just a bit ADHD about furniture, as you know.

Chicken Wire Cabinet 80″ H x 51″D x 19W…$1,200 + tax.

I can ship this item via USHIP.


  1. I have a cabinet identical to this and would love to paint it like you did. Do you mind telling me what colors you used? Thank you – it’s beautiful!

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