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inspiration via pintrest.


  1. linda strickler says:

    That is absolutely beautiful, not to formal just right.

  2. diane westbrook says:

    Oh, my…I am in love with all of it..wish I could move into that room as soon as possible! I have similar chairs and wonder what kind of finish you think is on these? cupboards painted a lovely gray and it looks like the table base is painted the same color. I have a longer French style table that needs to be painted or finished. Wanted to leave the table top natural but someone spilled something on it and it now has a long white streak on it. Tried mineral spirits on it and that did not take it away.arrrgghhh…so…now will try the toothpaste and baking soda mixture. Have you had any luck with white stains? Sort of looks like a long spill of hot water or something similar. Do you have a thought as to the name of the colors used on the furniture? BTW…love, love your blog!!

  3. Hey Christen ~ what type of floor is in this dining room? I can’t tell. BUT, I do absolutely love everything!

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