…favorite things friday: book love

I heart books. I heart reading them, looking at them on a shelf or in my bird cage in my family room or in a vintage wire basket as the case may be.


I heart smelling them & feeling them & getting lost in them. I also heart decorating with them too. I have many & I want many many more. I totally judge a book by its cover just like I do a bottle of wine. The bottle with the prettiest label always wins.

That is why I had to have these.


I have seen these Penguin Hardcover Classics in a hardcover clothbound series by Coralie Bickford-Smith floating about for years, but when I saw One King’s Lane selling them in a bundle in was time to pounce. I bought the Jane Austin ones, but they also had these favorites and many more! I think I’m going to keep them all to myself and put them next to my bed so I can wake up every morning and see them.


Reid totally photo-bombed as I was trying to take a picture of the books in the bird cage!


PS – Since you’ve asked, neurologist says concussion was really bad and I may be in this constant state of perpetuation dizzy-headache-vertigo-nausea pain for and I quote, “months and months and months and months”.


  1. A fellow Arlingtonian says:

    Prayers continue. Know that you are in Gods hands. Thank you for your posts…be safe in the snow! I share Thomas Jeffersons love for books, too!

  2. Oh dear, you will be in my thoughts for months and months and months and months to come. Honestly. Try to be patient. {hugs}

  3. Sue Rickard says:

    In my prayers !! It can be a very slow process, I am walking through it for quite a few months now…some of the symptoms will lessen soon and the others take longer . I had no clue what to expect and learned, learning still, not to overdo. As you know by now, overdoing can be looking too long at a computer screen, or tv, trying to read and I love reading was not something i could do at all at first. Gradually you can do a little more at a time,but you will know and feel when to stop. Listen to your body. Don’t push yourself in this recovery..it will come and we are praying for it to be a speedy recovery and for God’s grace as you are healing..I could not wrap my head ( no pun intended) on why or how it could affect me so much and for such a length of time..it is a whole different thing with a brain injury…it will get better, be patient with yourself and know He is walking through this with you. He is faithful!! XO

  4. christina larsen says:

    I’m so sorry you are going through this. I pray for complete healing for your body and that you will be surrounded by the peace that surpasses all understanding while you are on this journey of healing. I have learned much from your videos and blog. I have been allowed to create for the first time in a long time and I hope that others feel the same way. Even though I don’t know you in person, I feel like I know you in spirit. May God bless you and your family.

  5. hello. praying for your recovery, and your family as they go through this with you. like everyone is telling you and now me REST and don’t over do it. you will take longer to get better, and you may regress. one of my fave verses for you, John 14:27 (nkjv)

  6. Hi Christen,

    My son and I would not be able to smell those wonderful books after our concussions. We both lost our sense of smell, although it did come back slowly. Symptoms waxed and waned for months and got worse with reading, computer, etc. Please take it slowly. Minimal computer time!!


  7. Dorothy Durbin says:

    I am so sorry to hear you have had an accident. Please send me an email if I can ever help you in any way. I smiled when I saw the photos of the Jane Austen books and the fluffy robe. This is a wonderful way to rest.

  8. So sorry to hear you’re going through this. May I suggest audible books for when you can’t look at a book/TV/computer screen for too long? “the Inheritance of Loss” is a beautiful story and the narrator’s voice is a soothing presence.

  9. Hey Christen,

    Love these pictures and love the books!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!
    Your so is so adorable too!!

    Still praying for a quick perfect recovery!!


  10. Christen- I am thinking of you and wishing you the best.

    Semper Stylish

  11. Sandra Nelsen says:

    Sorry to hear of your accident, and how badly you have been hurt. Hoping you heal completely, even if it is a slower recovery than you would like. I fell and hurt my left shoulder a little over a year ago. I had such a hard time sleeping for months and months, as only sleep well on my left side. I couldn’t reach back or over my head without pain. I can even lift a gallon of milk now, and reach back and up above my head, AND sleep. Will keep you and your little family in our daily prayers.

  12. After reading “months & months & months”
    My first thought was NO. That is far too long
    To be that uncomfortable & far to long to be
    Slowed down-too frustrating.
    My second thought was YES. C is alive &
    moving & thinking & talking.
    You sustained a serious head trama & I am
    grateful. You remain in our thoughts
    & daily prayers. Xxx

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