…favorite things friday – zebra rug

One of my most frequent questions is “Where did you get your zebra rug?” The truth is I have two. One in my study and another in my dining room. Well, I’m going to give you all the answer you’ve been waiting for.

Small Room Design


Hand-tufted Zebra Brown Rug

I think you can easily go awry with animal print. I was once told in a fabric shop that one should not mix animal prints so if you have animal printed pillows or curtains you probably don’t want this rug. I could see how that would get a little bit…jungle-y 🙂

It works in this space, I think, because the colors are neutral. Yes, it is bold, but the other colors & pieces in the room are more subtle and muted.

If you know what you are after and the look that you want, it is possible to find these things at discount places. Just don’t compromise on look and quality. If they don’t have what you are looking for, then try again later. Don’t settle for, say, a red planter if you are looking for iron. You get the idea.


  1. I bet you have some amazing dinner parties in that dining room with family and friends! Such a beautiful and warm space.

  2. Your dining room is my favorite of your “spaces” — it is incredible and love that rug! Thanks for sharing your secret. 🙂

  3. I love your home! Did you happen to get your living room rugs from this website as well? I am having a tough time trying to pick an area rug for our living room. It’s such a hard decision!

  4. Hi. I know you said the zebra rug was from overstock. I see a few from different companies. I can’t tell which one is yours. I also saw some from wayfarer. One looks most like yours but a little pricey. Also, what size is your dining room rug.


  5. I’m desperately trying to find a rug exactly like this one. Has anyone ordered from overstock recently and received similar? Thanks!

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