…building a creative business: a grain of salt

Let’s just say you are minding your own business writing about your experience with your craft and someone responds with a very strong opinion against what you are talking about. What should you do? Think of it like a little, ity-bity piece of salt. So tiny, so small. So small that it does not have the ability to really change the flavor of your food.

There is freedom in writing about your craft. You get to be the teacher and educate based on what you have experienced. People can take guidence from all of it, some of it or none of it. That is their choice in return. It should not deter you from talking or writing because this will help solidify what you’ve learned.

The beauty of art is that there are no rules. There are techniques. There are guidlines when it comes to how to use your materials. But, the way that you use these materials and put them together for your end product is really your own process. Pushing the limits of your materials is also a way to elevate your final product. Hello, Picasso, Miro, Alexander Calder, Modigliani.


I wonder how many people said to Modigliani, “Dude, your proportions are so way off. Look at that neck.” But, we all know his work by those long, slender necks and faces. One of my favs.

I bet he thought of these words like one piece of salt and he kept going on and on.

Talk, write, share the way you experience your craft. Don’t be detered when someone else thinks differently. It is not a boulder in your path. It is a grain you can just step on and keep going.