…painting hardware tutorial

I’ve had a few requests to do a tutorial on How & When to Paint Hardware on furniture. Voila! I had the perfect dresser that I was refinishing for Ann in Old White to demonstate on.

When painting hardware, my rule of thumb is that if it is old/antique-looking and a dark metal I take it off, put it aside while painting the dresser and then put it back on when done. Meaning, I DON’T PAINT IT. If it is brassy, too funky, not shabby or too modern I will either a) replace hardware with something more suittable or b) paint it.

I know it does not seem natural to paint the hardware to some, but you will be surprised at the look it will give you. It’s a softer, European-type of look and makes the piece more cohesive.

I promise you, after all your hard work refinishing a piece you do not want to stick on any brassy or cheap-looking hardware. It will ruin your piece & shabby-chic look.


When painting hardware use a smaller brush for the detail work. When going over with your clear wax be sure to wipe down all the metal completely. It will just sit on the metal and will not be absorbed and you don’t want to be wiping wax of your finger tips when reaching for clean socks.

Lastly, to all those concerned & caring readers out there, Ollie-the-indoor-cat that almost made an appearance in the tutorials in inside safe & cozy. His adventure she did tire him out. And yes he is curled next to a vintage tea pot.IMG_3246


…5 Days to Organized – Garage

This is dedicated to the one I love. Oh, DH, I love you madly, but your tendency for pack-rat-ness is a bit frustrating. If I had my way, we would take every last bit of stuff out of the garage, sort and only put back in the necessary. Aka my furniture  & paint:)

I just feel like it’s so hard to see what you actually own when it’s all in boxes, cans, bins and is metal and looks blah. Storage for garage is best up against the wall. Hang what you use most often and store what you need for certain projects. DH, I think it’s time to get rid of the bathroom tile from 2 houses ago. Please.


The idea of everything hanging so neatly and in plain view…with a painted wall makes me weepy.



Imagine: Everything could have a home.


See, DH. It doesn’t even have to be fancy.


Yes, let’s hang our bikes. I think we have about 3 princess ones just rusting on the side of the house. Could Reid’s pirate swords be hung too?


You had me at twine.


Let’s say you don’t use a garage. How about repurposing the whole darn thing.


More book space actually  makes me consider…



And let’s not forget about the outside.


See you next week! Going to post on some new vintage finds, more Building a Business Tuesday, Lucketts, etc. Hi to all my new friends reading 🙂



…Buildling Series – Buildling a Home

Or renovating a home as we are still on our first place. The “master bath” was probably my favorite bit of construction because it was so – much – work. We knew we would be inhereting a yellow, pink or green bathroom when bying in ourneighborhood. Guess which one we got.

I fondly referred to it as mint chocolate chip. And I was happy to see it go.

Oh my! This is what you get for the money living 10 minutes from Washington, DC.

Lots of trash bags to clean up the following. Deep breath.

Oh look, there’s metal netting holding all that green on the wall. Didn’t know that before we started.

Might be my favorite picture of DH. No looking back.

And what is worse, we had to somehow get all the rubble to the street and the country to pick it up.

Ah, but we prevailed.

Travertine tile, a pedestal sink and new hardware. I have to say, it’s a bit sad because 4 short years later a bulldozer came ripping through the roof pulling out all that stone.

Is that a little chip of tile I see?

Question for Brent-the-Builder on tiling, demolition, etc? Post and he’ll answer!