…video short: applying shellac

Do you have a moment of panic when you see little pink dots coming through your paint? Do you rush to paint over them to no avail? This is called bleed-through and no amount of Chalk Paint or furniture paint will cover it.

Bleed-through is what happens when you are painting a piece of furniture built in the 1930s or 1940s. I can almost tell immediately if I am going to have this issue with a piece. You will get to know the style and type of wood that causes it.


What you need to do with bleed-through is to apply shellac. You can apply it on raw wood or you can apply it when/if you see bleed-through. What I did not realize is how quickly one can re-paint a piece after applying shellac. I’m taking minutes, Guys.

Here is a Video Short that I did on the process: