…it’s a bloggy world series: frequency

Some of you are very schedule-oriented like myself and will want to set a schedule as to when and how many times a week or a month you want to blog. Others will want to write as they feel inspired. You really should work varying on your type of personality. That is how you will maintain your blog.


I blog every day, as you know. There are a few reasons for this. I believe that if one wants to live a creative life then you need to be working at it and sharing it. Writing about what I am working on every day keeps my mind constantly turning over new ideas & information. I never stop thinking. I also love what I do so I get very, very excited about sharing it.


I also think when one blogs often you gain the trust and love of a set group of people. You may not have a huge audience, but you will hopefully have some friends & family that get your post in their inbox and want to read what you are up to. I love you, Readers, so very much and I feel like we are in this together.

Life is crazy busy for all of us. If you can only blog once a week or once a month then that is what you should do. I follow some beautiful blogs and the author only posts every few months when she has something to show. However, if you are interested in building your business then blogging is an important way of making yourself seen.

I enjoy blogging everyday, but that also comes at a price. If you came into my house on a weekday to see me write you will find me in my kitchen at my computer downing a cup of coffee at 7:00am while my kids are running around scarfing down breakfast and trying to find clean clothes for school. My Dear Husband will be finishing up dishes from last night and helping make lunches. The dog will be whining to go out and Owen’s “gifts” that he likes to bring up to us every morning will be scattered all over the floor (Owen literally collects hats, mittens and any other small article of clothing and leaves them by the stairs for us to see in the morning. Silly!)


It is crazy hectic. Sometimes I have started a post for that day and other times I write as I feel inspired. I must say that when I’m writing off the cuff and I get someone pointing out my spelling or grammatical errors I give a loud scream, “Do you know what kind of environment I was in when I wrote that post?” “Fiona asked me for the fourth time if she could wear slippers to school, Reid was playing  in the dog water and Greta was practicing her spelling at the kitchen table before her quiz that morning.” Grrrr.

If your traffic is not building then try posting more often. Make each post something new and fresh. Posts can also be just an image or a few sentences. Remind the wild world out there that you are here by writing!




…it’s a bloggy world: share

One of the main things that I have learned about blogging is that it is absolutely necessary to share what you know.


When I first started writing I felt very proprietary about my techniques, methods, and ideas. This kind of attitude will only go so far in the blogging world. Readers are reading to gain information. They want to learn and try what you are showing & teaching for themselves. This is why they are not taking a class, but reading your blog! You must teach to acquire readers.


You will find out quickly whether or not a blog is successful if the writer teaches. If a blog shows off his/her doghouse or cow pasture or shoe shop or bbq pit (you get the idea) in every post then a reader may tire of the site and not want to read and/or not want to share it with friends. There must be something in it for the reader.

I think a blogger can certainly show what they are working on to inspire others to do something similar in their own lives and show that it is achievable.


There’s a bit of “If I can do it, so can you” attitude.

There are also blogs where the reader may never be able to do what the blogger is doing, say, build a cottage in the mountains, but it is still appealing and enjoyable to witness and read about.

Then there is the type of blog that educates. I think these are the blogs that become the ones that are most talked about and end up with the most readers. I have noticed my readership climb and climb the more I offer techniques & concrete ideas.


Yes, this does mean that you are showing more of your cards to your readers. You are letting people you do not know into your space and into your world. Yes, this can be uncomfortable at moments. It can also be a way to grow your business and readership, however.

Small Room Design

If you show your carpet and talk about how much you love it, your readers want to know how much it was and where they can have one just like it. You must get used to sharing information & having your readers engaged enough that they want more.

Certainly, if there are things that you’d rather not talk about you don’t have to. I never reveal the name of my mover or prices that I give to clients. These are things that may hurt me and my business. Otherwise, I try to be open and share honestly so that I can have the blessed position of teacher and writer.

IMG_5082Fiona with my mover’s dog.

There is a freedom in being open and willing to share what you know. You will find that you are not losing anything by doing so. Just as we are all snowflakes everything we product is unique and different from our readers and neighbors.

…Building Series – Buildling a Business

If you are thinking about building a business or have started your own little business, you know it’s taken a good 20/30/40 years to prepare you for what you are embarking on. You have history and practice and observation on your side.

I grew up watching my dad design and hand-make jewelry. My sister and I would watch him put those funny magnifying jewelers glasses on, work with long, skinny tweezers twisting and molding metal wire. He’d sink the soldered piece in the acid that made a “szzzzz” sound, slosh it around in a mason jar of water and then heat the piece again with his jeweler’s torch. He worked with his hands to create amazing pieces and we wear them all the time. You have no idea the jewelry boxes and hat boxes and trunks my sister & mom have filled with his pieces.

(This is my daughter designing with Papa. Funny how it reminds me of me at his side.)

I went to college, majored in English and was going to write books. Unfortunately, that doesn’t pay the rent until you are actually published.

Then I got a job. Marketing. In a design firm and it was a perfect fit for me. Images, photo shoots, writing, graphics. Kinda what I find myself doing 50% of the time at Blue Egg Brown Nest. Who knew how handy my background would come in when I used to ride that metro into work day in and day out. Eating my lunch at Lafeyette Park, staring at the the White House from my park bench.

Then came a waiting period in my life when I started trying to have a baby. God said no for many years. And I said yes to my own pottery studio in my basement, with wheel & kiln & hand-made glazes. It always felt natural to work with my hands and get messy.

(1 month after Reid was born. I just couldn’t help myself!)

I don’t mean to sound self-indulgent. I recount my past to discuss my present. When I look back it really feels like I was building levels and layers to my story and to my current business. There are things that I will try and accomplish now (or at least take the risk of trying) that I would not have if I did not have that framework underneath me. The writing, the marketing, the designing, etc. I didn’t just happen on furniture painting and blogging. I had no budget for pieces and experimented on 8 kitchen chairs off Craigslist. The necessity of needing furniture turned into wanting it all around me! And as a sidebar, I never read a blog in my life before starting my own! (shhhhhhh)

That is my story.

Many of you have asked me how to grow a business or get started or how did I get started. It wasn’t one thing that led me here. It was many things and many more things and right now it works for me. In a few years it may not work. Who knows. If I were able to share any advice I would say reflect on the things you’ve done & built & may be good at or curious about. I don’t really believe the message that you can do anything you set your mind to. I find it misleading. Yes, perhaps you could physically and/or mentally do it. But, would it be right for you? Would it be organic and natural for you? Would you be happy or good at it? Would it be fruitful? Would it end up frustrating you in the end and be unsatisfying. I do believe God has a plan for all of us, but he doesn’t show us the full hand of cards all at once. He reveals it slowly over a lifetime and if we are diligent and listen close enough we will hear & understand…maybe.