…building a business: losing steam?

Dear Creatives,

I want to hear from all of you out there that were really excited and motivated to start your own business – whether it was painting furniture or another creative endeavor. You may have given it your time, money and attention. Maybe you talked about it and wrangled your family into the effort and plugged away. Maybe you became a vendor, maybe you sold in a shop, maybe you opened your own shop. Then, something happened…..you ran out of steam.

A creative business is so very different than a typical business because it requires real spirit. Your spirit. And to keep up a positive outlook it requires really “feeling” it and not just being productive. I think it is much more complicated. It can be difficult for other’s to get on board and so it requires a lot of cheerleading for ourselves. Then once we get some traction we have to refuel and keep ourselves going. The problem is often that creative people are not necessarily motivated by money or success. We want more. Yes, art requires audience, but it also requires inspiration. So, my question to you out there is,

Have you lost your motivation?

I am empathetic to your state. I get it and I hear you. I give you permission to slow and come to a stop. It’s okay and it’s not failure. Instead, let me say to you – Congrats! You did it. You did it for a while and you tried something new. You put yourself out there and were seen as more than just a mom or office person or daughter or friend. And you still are! Now you know that you have the capacity to tap into this part of you at any time. You don’t need to prove anything by opening another shop, but you can tap into the feelings that made you want to do this. This part of you is always there and you discovered it! Big congrats.

I do not say this to discourage anyone, but rather to tell you that I am here to listen and support you. I think creative people live with exposed nerve-endings in a world that is not always aware of us or our needs. We try to perform in the same way as those more Aggressives around us and it’s okay to know that we are not the same. We offer something much different- sensitivity, observation, a magnifying glass on what is not always noticed in a fast-paced world.

If you have tried to expose your creativity in a public manor, you swam upstream. It is not easy. It is not easy for the shop owner of there, it is not easy for the bloggers and writers, it is not easy for me.

If you are plugging away and doing well, I am so proud and excited for you! If you gave it a go and feel done and depleated, then it’s okay to refocus your energies. If you were interested and it never quite got off the ground, then I’m so thrilled you explored the idea! And the good news? It never means you have to stop loving to paint or create! WOW! You can always do this! For yourself and your own home or just appreciate it in other’s homes. What a gift for yourself.

You are important no matter what you accomplish and I think so often we are told that the definition of success is money and press. You are worthy because you live, Dear friends. Love you.

I see you.


…master bedroom redux – full room reveal

Happy-kids-back-to-school-after-spring-break day! I can just imagine all moms out there singing and skipping around the house. I doubt it’s just me. I am clinking my coffee mug to yours! Cheers!

As promised, here is my master bedroom reveal. I love having hardwood in the bedroom. It is a clean look, but also cozy with the area rug and chairs. I no longer have to look at buckled carpet and worry about it getting discolored with wear.

























…master bedroom redux – wall decor

I like wall decor that is not always traditional. You know how I feel about tobacco baskets, shutters and mirrors. In our first home I collected wildflowers and pressed them into frames. I have circled back to that look with these pressed branches and sprigs in shabby frames.



I have 6 of these hanging in a sequence on my bedroom wall. When hanging multiple frames that you want to look tidy, you must use a ruler. As you know I hate all things that have to do with measuring and in these moments I enlist DH and his fine ruler and level skills.





I love a man with a pencil behind his ear. I do know to stay out of his way when doing said measuring as hanging pictures is not his favorite thing to do. I become the dutiful assisant and pass him nails and the frames.



I think they turned out pretty perfectly in this space on my side of the bed. There’s nothing better than waking up to daylight from my windows and pressed nature. Greta would always agree.



I found these frames with pressed botanicals from Restoration Hardware. Check out the other nature that they frame.