…armoire & peeling chalk paint

It’s so fun to meet clients that come to me saying, “I kept your article from The Washington Post in the hopes that I would need your services.” The article was really a turning point in Blue Egg Brown Nest and one that I will always be so grateful for.

Marie brought me this beautiful armoire.


Looks innocent enough, but this piece came with a challenge. It is actually not wood, but some type of laminate. In my experience, this is not a problem. However, there was something about the surface that did not like my Chalk Paint. This is what happened.


What is that?! That is paint peeling, people. In all the years I have refinished furniture I have NEVER had peeling paint. I was nervous.

The first thing I did was contact my stockist to see if there was something amiss with this batch of Old White. I have read about this happening. Nope.

DH to the rescue. We talked about how we were going to go about fixing the issue. I emailed my client and gave her the heads up that we were going into surgery. I striped off the paint that I had applied with a paint stripper and DH took an electric sander and gave it a once over. We then did several samples and several coats to make sure the paint stuck.

It did. Phew.

It seemed that there was something on the surface of the laminate that was not letting the paint adhere. It could have been a stain or some type of poly, I am not sure. But, the problem resolved itself by sanding down a layer.

Here is the end result.




This armoire looked like the hundreds of pieces that I have refinished, but offered a new challenge in the peeling paint. Just a reminder that every piece of furniture can offer a new challenge and it’s an opportunity to work through and produce something lovely.