Gram’s Vintage Ceramic Trees

I was the lucky grandchild that inherited Gram’s white ceramic Christmas trees. They remind me of the hours I spent putting in the colored lights at her home and bring such delight when I put them in my own home at Christmas time.

The large and medium trees were hers. During my decorating travels I found these same trees being sold at Michael’s along with replacement colored lights for $3. 

Then I went over to Target and found the two little trees you see below. Dear Husband always knew they were special to me, but on a whim he decided to Google them to see if they had any value these days since they seem to be making a comeback. 

“One vintage tree recently sold for $79 on eBay, another for $440, and another for a remarkable $649.” –

I will never sell, but I am glad they are valued.

…my christmas decor

Hi Guys!

I posted today on my new lifestlye blog this year’s Christmas Decor. I thought you may be interested. If you have not get subscribed to my new site and joined me, please do! You mean to much to me and I want to stay connected.

Here the link to the post.

Wishing peace and love this holiday season.

Christen Bensten 


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…kelly’s bedroom set

I love hearing from old friends and I love even more when I can help them out with their furniture restoration needs. I heard from a dear one, Kelly (formerly Hicks), before the holidays. We were littles growing up in the same church eventually braved high school together.

Kelly had some old pieces that she wanted finished for her home. I have probably refinished at least 200 of these same dressers by now. Here are some before images. (Apparently, I also took a selfie with the dresser because I was probably a little dizzy from Christmas chaos at that point. I honestly don’t remember.)




This brassy hardware is so so common on these old pieces. I always recommend painting it if it is going to distract from the overall piece. These were done in Paris Grey with light distressing. Here’s how they turned out.









I heart a good filter on a photo.

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