…design runs deep

We live in a broken world and because of that sometimes it can be difficult to feel love that we all need and deserve just by sharing this earth together. Sometimes when we are young something happens to keep us from the love we are meant to have and feel. And sometimes as adults we end up depriving ourselves of love because we think we deserve less & believe we are unworthy. We become good at putting ourselves down & putting ourselves last. We take on the burdens of others and let ourselves be emotionally high-jacked. We get anxious and depressed and find it hard to trust.

I’m learning that Jesus wants to fix our broken & sad bits. I think he wants us to put up boundaries that will help us tend our gardens and in turn serve him better. If we are not being honest & speaking truth about ourselves, we are not being true to the people he wants us to be. We are snowflakes- all made beautifully different and here to let our light shine & be perfectly us.

What does all this preaching have to do with design? It is my story & part of my healing. I have learned to self-care by making my space safe & calm & lovely. I can sit in a dome chair with a book and I can light a lavender candle to calm my spirit. I can add a few nests here and there to make me smile.

It is not a waste or an extra. It is caring for ourselves by creating beauty. It is the landscape of our lives. It is the backdrop. It is the sky and the sunset. It is the large oak tree and the grass under our feet. It is caring for ourselves through a small vignette with old clocks that remind you of your grandmother’s home.

Don’t underestimate the power of design in your life and your healing from a broken world. It has made joy in my world, under my roof. Your nest is also sacred and important and deserves care & warmth. It should be a place where you experience safety and comfort.

Wishing you all a cozy throw, the soft light of a lamp, fresh greens from a tree and heavenly peace.