…lake reno continued

I don’t know about you, but I can’t feel completely and totally relaxed in a room of mine unless it’s exactly the way I want it. It’s hard for me to settle down and even watch a show without looking around and rearranging in my head. We’ve been blessed to be in our lake house for a year now and we are doing little things to renovate and decorate.

As you know, I’m using blues and whites, but trying not to be too cliche about it. Here’a an update:

I’m so excited about this rug. It adds just a little global to the room and the tassels are braided. Super cute. These are some Ballard chairs that I purchased about 10 years ago and had them recovered in the same Sunbrella that I did at my home.

I’m also happy about how the coffee table turned out with the sanded and stained top w/ white legs. To be honest, the only reason those legs are white is because DH said there’s no way he’s sanding them and I didn’t jump to it either. I think it works for now.

For now, I am leaving the large fireplace stone. Initially I was going to – wait for it – paint it, but it doesn’t bother me so much. I found these cool, antique windows at a barn sale last year and the boat is from my dad’s antique collection. The boxwoods are faux, but I always like a little green and the chairs are in the color I wanted. Very inexpensive for chairs. Shhhhhhh. Found them at Joss and Main for about $200 each. I didn’t like the legs and so I ordered new ones and voila!

I think it makes the chairs look more expensive. I found the legs on Amazon and they literally screwed right in! Easy.

I finished my teacup series and hung them without a level or tape measure on the wall. DH was impressed. And I used Command strips – best invention ever! You never have to use a nail again! These things are impressive.

Love how the gold frames (also via Amazon) catch my eye. The basement guestroom is just about completed and the stairway will be in Phase II because we still need time for plenty of play!



…DH love.

“Our house, is a very, very, very fine house.

With two cats in the yard. Life used to be so hard.

Now everything is easy ’cause of you.” – CSN


Blue Egg Brown Nest would not be here if it were not for Dear Husband (DH). Many times I think I could have ended up in a ditch if it were not for DH. Many of you know that I struggle with feeling good. Sometimes I get lost in the web of lies that cloud my brain, thinking I am of no value and my anxiety will one day just swallow me whole. Gulp. DH tells me differently. He tells me I am bigger and better and stronger than I will ever know. He tells me that I can move houses and mountains and furniture with my small hands. He actually believes that I am loveable. And when I see it in his eyes, that he really BELIEVES this of me, then I start to think, “Huh. What if I actually am big and brave?”

This is the gift. Dear Husband is the gift of a lifetime. God knew that even though I put my big girl boots on this morning and war paint smudged across my cheeks that I needed help. Help to do battle, help to love myself and my family, help to build a business and help to feel….good.

Dear Husband has given me freedom to be me. And in being me I can grow bigger and taller. I can feel creative. I can write with authority and paint without worry. I can try new adventures with my business and my life.

I am blessed by his confidence in me. It also helps that he is my #1 fixer of all broken furniture, split wood, mover, hanger, solderer, UHauler, sander, painter…did I say mover? I get to be here, with you Dear Readers, every day because of Dear Husband.

Happiest of birthdays, my one, true love.