…building a room: secret dining room table easy-fix

The budget for furniture is never really there, is it? It always seems like an extra. Especially when it comes to a dining room table that we don’t seem to use much. When I was moving into the home that we built 3 years ago I had most of my rooms planned out in my head and a storage room of accents & casegoods in my in-laws back room waiting to go in. I didn’t have a dining room table, however, and I knew DH was never going to agree on buying one before the big move. What to do?

This is a little secret that my MIL told me about so hope she doesn’t mind me sharing. I bought a round folding table (can be found at Ballard Designs for not much) and put a tablecloth over it and then a soft, white cloth over that. I decorated it with a large urn and put painted chairs around it. It was beautiful!

This is the look (via Pintrest as I can’t seem to find a shot of the one I once had)


This image shows a glass topper, but you certainly don’t need that to make it look finished. I didn’t have one. I would recommend a large centerpiece as it is a room that will be seen as you walk by. If you have a few chairs to put around it then go ahead. If you do not have chairs I think that is completely fine.

Here’s another example with a fancier tablecloth.


When shopping for a tablecloth to make this look you MUST make sure it pools at the bottom. If it is too short you will see the cheap table underneath and your secret will be blown! I, in fact, wanted my table a bit larger and so DH cut a circle out of some plywood. I put it on top of my folding table and then draped the tablecloth over that to give it the illusion of a bigger table.

Don’t get too fancy with the tablecloth that you select. You don’t want it to look like a wedding or picnic table. Pick something solid & versatile – a neutral.

This is a super easy & clever way to dress your dining room without spending the money on a fancy table. Happy dining!