…emperor’s silk

I am at the point in my life where I truly believe in the idea of “never say never.” This is a very stark contrast to when I was younger and saw things more in black and white. But, nothing is every black and white because life, as John Lennon would say, “…is what happens when you are busy making other plans.” Life is grey and complicated.


This brings me to my next confession on the color red. Specifically, Emperor’s Silk.

A client recently brought me a chair that she was going to use for an accent  in her living room. I cracked open the can of Emperor’s Silk, painted and when it started to dry I could really see the rich color setting and it changed my mind a bit.


Here is the before of the chair:


I think the details of the back really helped to create an interesting, unique look. And it’s just a little, wood chair so it won’t be too intrusive in a room.




I am not saying I will paint an entire dresser for my bedroom in a red, but I do see the potential now.