…favorite things friday…burlap runner

Please tell me Halloween is over! I’m exhausted from all the activity, spider webs, sick of all the chocolate, not to mention DH lost two of my children trick or treating for a good two minutes last night. Done!

Can we please move on to cozier holidays like Thanksgiving? It really is the sleeper holiday because even though cooking a turkey is not the easiest or quickest thing in the world, I find that it is a more relaxing holiday. Although I’m not crazy about turkey gravy bowls, I do think a beautifully set Thanksgiving table is just lovely. It also lends itself to a rustic look with the fall leaves, branches, candles and how about some burlap?


I used to have a burlap table runner on my kitchen table all year round, but quickly found that that does not really work with three kids, homework, crafts and very messy dinners. It is perfect for holidays, however.



Vintage or fancy.


There are many crafters on Etsy that make these. I happen to love the ones with ruffles like Precious Peas offers for just over $20!




…building a business: to etsy or not to etsy

Yesterday I decided to shut down my Etsy account. There are a few reasons why I decided to do this. The number one reason, however, is a little thing called shipping. If you are on Etsy, you ship. And shipping, in my opinion, is painful. Especially shipping furniture for the past 4 years.

There are pros and cons to joining & selling on Etsy, an open marketplace for artisans. It’s an amazing forum that allows customers all over the world to buy handmade or vintage products. Individuals can use Paypal or credit cards and that is an element that you don’t have to deal with on your own site. When one of your pieces sells, you receive an email with the customer information so you can contact him/her and then ship the item the purchased.


I have sold many, many pieces via Etsy and have shipped them all over the country using USHIP. It’s alot of coordination and negotiation and most of the time it works out great. There can be little glitches with drivers, but most of all it is time consuming to find a situation that works for the end client and the shipper…and me!

I am also a customer on Etsy and have had a great experience finding interesting & unique products. If your product is small, you can put it in a box with a label and get it to your customer. Most Etsy Shops estimate the shipping cost and post it under the cost. I have had the experience that if I overpay, the Shop will reimburse me. Most transactions are done via Paypal.

Here are some awesome finds I’ve found:


You may overpay with the shipping element, but you also get to shop vintage from the comfort of your home without getting your hands dirty in an old barn! Course I love the latter.



I’ve also purchased hand knitted sweaters, art, vintage postcards to frame, curtains, etc. If you own your own business creating something that people will appreciate and use, then Etsy is a wonderful idea for you. It is easy to set up your own shop online. Check it out.

I don’t feel like I have the time to keep up with my Etsy shop at the moment. But, the good thing about being an adult is that you can always go back and change your mind :)!


…quick fix series: pillows & inserts

My last quick fix is fairly self explanatory. Paint gives you instant gratification. Pillows are the next best thing.

Step one is to go and buy a few – I’d say at least 4 – pillow inserts. I’ve found the cheapest ones at JoAnn Fabric and Ikea. You can also find them on Amazon & at Pottery Barn.


If you can sew this is your place to shine. Order some fabric online and go to town. I am not a sewer, but even I can fumble my way to a pillow. If you don’t have time to sew then most retail shops sell pillow covers. You can check out your PB shop, but if you want something more interesting then do a search on Etsy.

I do love this one from PB. A pattern like this can be timeless.


I, of course, have my favorite designers.

Jessica from Alelier be makes some beautiful covers from old European grain sacks. I bought these from her for my family room chairs.


You have also see Helkat Designs all over my home. Many of you have asked about the fighting hares pillow. Here you go!


Best part is when the seasons change or you are ready to refresh, all you do is take your cover off and replace. Store them in your linen closet and you can always use them again!