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Umm, so it’s the New Year and after taking down the tree and sending the kids off to their busy days, I get an itch to move around all my furniture, clear off the table tops and re-decorate EVERYTHING. Unfortunately, I don’t have the budget to do this. But, I think I can sneak in a few changes without breaking the bank.

I guess I wormed my way into ordering some ottomans after returning a few Christmas presents from DH. I know there are those of us out there that return gifts from our husbands so we can get what we are eyeing. For me, most times, I end up returning clothing items for house items. For me, I think it’s more of a feeling of freshening up the house and creating an inspiring feeling….for myself. Yes, it’s for me. This homebody gets inspiration from her home and I want it the way I think it should be and there’s no shame in that. Sometimes Mama wins.

So, I’m starting with buying ottomans for my side chairs and because they no longer make the fabric for my roll armed chairs, I had to start from scratch and redo those. It’s a project. I’m not sure the fabric was working in their anyway because I changed out my turquoise pillows for more neutral over the last spring. Then, I started to feel like the room was so neutral. I’m working on a game plan. And yes, I’m going to try to do pictures with cats in them. Not too hard to do and I love it.


I want to keep a bit of blue because it makes me happy….and I get very distracted by pattern when looking at fabric.


Maybe I’ll change things on the large coffee table. Maybe only books on the coffee table. Maybe lanterns. Maybe brass lanterns because brass is definitely having a moment. This would be an easy way to include it. Hmmmm.


Yes, I like something like this I think. It’s just a touch of what is trending now with that sleek look. Yes, my rustic lovers, sleek is in and shabby not so much. But, we don’t have to give up what we love. We can just do a little here and there. I like to keep relevant so I’m giving it a go. And books never go out of style.


In my search for colors that work and renew, some of my favorite designer are using black. Hmmm. I never would have considered it, but it can actually work with neutrals. I’m not sold yet, but considering it. One of my favorite blogs has some beautiful designs. Yes, these are a bit more modern and West Coast, but I can appreciate the textures.



I am also planning on upholstering some wood chairs MYSELF with faux fur. I promise to show you as I am very, very excited about it! Fur is hot right now too and can go shabby or modern. Win.


And this fur below is timeless. Always en vogue, Boys.


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…online fabric store giveaway winner

Congrats to Tabitha for winning the $100 gift certificate at Online Fabric Store. Happy shopping!

My egg basket is still growing with swatches for my upholstery project.



…favorite things friday: waverly

Fabric. It’s been a bit of a learning curve for me. It’s rather intimidating with all that measuring and railroading. However, I do know what I like and what I don’t like. That’s half the battle right there.

I have learned that Waverly is a trusted brand and a great place to start when hunting for really beautiful patterns for window treatments, upholstery & pillows.


You will find traditional toile, bold lattice prints, Ikat & really fun florals.



My favorite online fabric store recently had a sale on Waverly. Online Fabric Store.

Keep in mind that fabric is rather personal. I know that may seem funny to say, but there are so many prints out there that the trick is to find one that suits you & your home and the feeling you want to create. I get alot of question about the name of the the fabric I used on my living room & family room pillows (with the pompoms). I’m happy to share, but I do think it would be more interesting to hunt around for what suits your personality. Soothing & calm? Energetic & bold? Lovely & Traditional? Sweet & feminine?

The possibilities are endless.

Keep in mind that our tastes change over the years. You may pick a print now and chances are you will want to refresh & change it again in 5-7 years. So, if you pick something trendy like an Ikat (as I did with an ottoman) you can always reupholster when you want a change.


Hmmmm, would I ever dare these colors? Never say never.