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Great Falls Gazebo

Invite from Dad in his own words below 🙂


The Great Falls Studio, a consortium of about 110 local artists in the Great Falls area, is holding its annual Spring Art Show and Sale on the “Village Green” in the center of town (Georgetown Pike & Walker Road, behind “The Old Brogue”).

Artist members working in a range of mediums will be exhibiting their art work during this 3-day event, “Art Fest on the Green”. The show is being held over the weekend from 6-9 pm Fri. June 3rd, from 9am-5 pm Sat. June 4th and from 11am – 8pm Sun. June 5th.  

As an Artisan and member of the Great Falls Studios working in Sterling Silver, I will be displaying my hand wrought designs as a Silversmith and Fine Art Jewelry Designer, a continuation of a family tradition in Sterling Silver Design and Craftsmanship. Having learned to design as a young boy in my father’s Queens NY studio I am continuing the family tradition of an accomplished Artisan and Silversmith who worked for 30+ years in the Mid-Century Modern style.

I am an active member of the local Great Falls Studio group (  Several of my pieces can be viewed on the Great Falls Studio website “Member’s List” under my name.

The Face book page for this weekend’s Art Show is: providing additional information about the event and includes other images of the Sterling Silver pieces I designed for this event

I invite you to come by if you’re around on the weekend to just say “hello”.



…studio tour love.


My Dear Dad is a member of the Great Falls Studios, a group of very talented artist from my home town. This weekend they will be holding a tour of these special artists’ studios through the beautiful town of Great Falls. If you have never been to Great Falls it is a wooded, lovely town that is famous for its Great Falls Park, which is a large national park offering a stunning view of the Potomac. It is a special place.


The Studio Tour is a self-guided driving tour of 44 local artists in their personal studios. You can find my dad showing at the Towlston Woods Studio (#26 on the map). Buying from local artist is a great way to support these artists as well as add stunning, hand-crafted work into your home. Here is a sampling.

9 large

by Richard Masaniello (Dad)


by Elaine Elinsky


by Jill Banks


by Dorry Emmer


by Bob Schroeder

You can find the map of the Studio Tour here. If you wanted to check out Great Falls Park and make a day of it the park is in close proximity to the tour route.

Great Falls Studios 12th Annual Studio Tour

October 16th, 17th and 18th

12:00-5:00 on Friday, 10:00-5:00 on Saturday and 12:00-5:00 on Sunday

Be sure to say hi to my Dad! I will see you there 🙂