…bird love.

More like bird obsessed. Thinking about the holidays and how I want to decorate my house and my Luckett’s space. Check out my new snow birds and cardinals.







They are flying in this weekend.


…my family room

Busy times! This means basically I don’t have a second to my name so we are going to look at a cozy image – my family room! More on this later. xoxo



…favorite things friday – felt

Christmas is coming FAST this year and I think it’s because I’m getting old, but I’m actually buying more decorations for the house. Normally I don’t want to move any of the pretty things that I love out of the way to make way for things that are red or gold and shiny, but this year I feel differently.

I’m also super into felt. Felt everything. Felt Christmas stuff. It’s playful and sweet and nothing made out of felt can be looked at too stuffy & seriously.

Check out this sweet wreath with cardinal from The Company Store.

wreath-as09-j13And, yes, that is felt garland! Love.