…5 Easy Home Decor Solutions – Lighting

#5 Lighting

DH and I have recessed lighting all over our ceilings, but I am so particular about ambiance that I hardly ever use it in the family, living, dining, study, bedroom, well, any room. Even in the kitchen I prefer my lanterns over my island. Lighting can change your mood and if you have lighting that is too harsh it can be so disruptive to your mood! Yea?

Buffet Lamps. Obviously buffet lamps need a surface to sit on. I prefer symmetry when possible so you will want to have two if you agree. They are best on a console on a wall with a piece of wall art or mirror and a little vignette on the console between them.

(I heart this layout so much & plan on using it in our next house!)

Once again, the lighting is an opportunity to express your interests, color, style.

Floor Lamps. Pick an interesting floor lamp. Not a halogen, please. Even an expensive halogen is not okay. Put it next to your couch and let it live there happily ever after. Use an ivory or cream or better yet a linen or burlap shade. Do not use a white shade. Blak! Bad lighting. You want something to mellow to light in the room and white is not it.

Chandeliers. I feel like I’ve seen chandeliers more & more in sitting rooms and not just in a dining room. I think it’s wonderful and can help create such a cozy affect. Of course, I think you have to select the right chandelier. If putting one in your family room think about texture and fabric. Choose perhaps a drum shade or a wood material.

Sconces. You can’t get cozier than a scone! Put them on either side of your fireplace, down the hallway, between the windows or on a wall that is not quite big enough for wall art. With the right one it will always be a good look. For a family room do not get anything shiny, rather try an oil rubbed bronze or iron or wood.

Thanks for all the positive feedback on the Easy Home Decor New Year’s addition! Plan to do another soon.

Luckett’s Spring Market is coming up and Blue Egg has been invited back! Headed to a few estate sales now 🙂




…5 Easy Home Decor Solutions for the New Year – Rugs

#2 Rugs!

If you’ve had the same oriental or printed rug in you family room or living room for a number of years and your style has simpy changed, I would really encourage you to repace it. I’ve walked into many a consultation and seen a pretty typical oriental rug in bright reds or colonel blues and I think now is the time to let these colors seep into the past. They are heavy, they take up alot of congestion visually, make the room look heavy and they are expensive! You will be much happier with a neutral carpet – I promise!

Natural fiber rugs are everywhere and that is for a reason. They go with many styles and can be found in really high-end homes and very casual/family homes.

I know the concern can be if they are comfortable and cozy as a rug should be and they are. They are also extremely easy to clean and will hide dirt like no other. They will not wear or pull like wool or looped rugs and if you happen to have  3 cats & a 100lb chocolate lab named Kane they will hold up.

There are some simple rules for choosing a natural fiber rug. PLEASE do not pick a colored border like burgendy or forest green or navy. Again, you will tire of it, your taste will change and you will have a rug color that just doesn’t work in the space. Every shop has a simple beige color. Pick this. Every shop has many textures. Pick the one you love. I’m partial to a knobby jute because it adds interest & warmth. I have 2 in my kitchen as runners kind of like the image above. If you want a rug under your kitchen table pick a smaller, tighter ply. Yes – and if you have kids you CAN put one under your kitchen table and not curse after every meal from the tater tots that fall. You will not see them much until you are ready to vacuum.

They can also go in every room in your house without looking repetitive and over done. They will add continuity to your layout, in fact.

I know some of you will not be convinced that these are the way to go, especially with all the color choices out there. The reason that natural fiber rugs is my pick is that they can go literally in any room and when you want to introduce your color, you will layer color with your pillows, throws, accessories – items that are easy to replace when you tired of that color or want to refresh in a few years. You will not want to refresh a carpet in 5 years, but that lime green vase can find a new home without heartache.

And if I still haven’t convinced you because you are so drawn to color and pattern then go for it, just be aware that it will be a statement and will define your other color choices in that space. You will start from that pattern and build from there with your coordinating pillows, wall decor, etc. I just know that it’s human nature to change your mind and if you commit to that Ikat print or a Chevron, a new trend will come along and you run the risk of having the entire room look dated. The other option is to choose a rug that has one “color” and then a neutral like this wool rug. But, wool looped rugs pull and pulled rugs looked worn and need to be replaced.

Ah, so I’m back again to our natural fiber.

Clean, simple, inviting.

Tomorrow #3 is the coffee table! A must.



…4ft dough bowl

My friend, Kristen, whom I met at Luckett’s Spring Market recently posted a picture of her amazing & very large dough bowl. I have one myself, but it wasn’t vintage and it was not big. So, my OCD took over and I went on a mad hunt for an extra large, extra old dough bowl. Check out what I found.

Jack pot!

Thanks for helping me clean my treasure (again), my Love.

Yes, of course you can ride in it like a wooden boat. Anytime.

I love a good treasure hunt.