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“You were my original inspiration for my house almost 6 years ago. I found you on Pinterest. What is a good time frame for redecorating?”

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I love this question.

The small, less-pricey items like pillows/pillow covers and accessories like books and planters, rugs you can easily replace without breaking the bank. There are so many places to shop now. I probably do this every 2-3 years.

A step up from that is counter stools, coffee tables, lamps and chairs I replace or reupholster around 5 years.

The big, expensive items like couches is about 10 years.

And when you are stuck in your house being safe from COVID, after 10 months, I give you permission to change all of it! Kidding, but I know it’s hard being indoors and staring at the same furniture.

I thought it would be fun to do a little trip down blog memory lane. So many of these furnishings have been sold or replace mine the bigger items. Pix start from 2009



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