Thanks to two of my cute sister in laws, Regina and Shannon, and their motivation to keep Blue Egg current, I have decided to ramp up my Instagram account. (My other SILs are super cute too just not quite as, ahem, young. Ah, to be young and in the know.)

Many of you keep up with me on my website feed and Facebook and I love it! Instagram is a great way to see, well, pretty pictures that inspire me in my daily life. It’s quick and fun.

If you are already in Instagram, search for blueeggbrownnest and follow!

For those that are new to the party, it’s super easy. Go to the app section on your phone and download Instagram. You will see the icon above. Set up an account and look around and play! You can post your own images and follow people. Click the little search button and type blueeggbrownnest to find me!


Here’s a few recents that you will see from me. See you there! xoxo













Come follow Blue Egg Brown Nest on Instagram! I’ve had a personal page for a few years now, but recently started a Blue Egg Brown Nest page.

Not quite sure what Instagram is? It’s kinda like Facebook but only with images that you can post. People can follow you kinda like Twitter. It’s fast and easy. Basically, I post pictures and you look at them 🙂 You can start your own page and do some cool things with filters like this…


and this…


and this…


Sign up and do a search for Blue Egg Brown Nest!