…Blue Egg Brown Nest Home Colors: Living Room

One of my top questions that I receive is about my wall paint color. I revealed a few probably a year ago, but never got through each room. I thought I’d let inquiring minds know through a series this week. Starting with my living room.



What you must know about color on a computer screen or in print is that it’s not true. You will need to see the color live and in your hardware store to really decide. I was super excited to find huge, square color swatches from Benjamin Moore that you can buy. I found them much easier than buying sample paints and painting a wall. Just take your heavy tape and tape the sample square to the wall. Leave it for a few days, walk past it a few times a day and see how you feel about it. Yes, I said “feel”.



The benefit from picking a neutral color is that you can layer out. You have not designed yourself into a corner by committing to a strong color. You can then have the freedom to pick an accent color that you love and will work with that type of room. As you can see, I’ve picked a duck egg blue. Shocker.


All animals need not coordinate with wall color. It is, however, the 100lb lab’s redeeming quality.


Another tip to keep in mind when choosing a color for a room is to make sure that it coordinates and makes a smooth transition to ALL THE ROOMS IN YOUR HOUSE. That means do not paint a dining room red and your adjoining hallway yellow. It will not feel right. If you love say, red, and want to use it then pick coordinating colors that will blend well. Red is a hard example for me, though, as I think we tire of bright colors more easily. I much prefer a neutral wall and then bring in your color (if you so choose) in fabrics and pillows. It’s less committal. And yes, I freely admit that I’m too practical to get too whimsy. Oh and re-painting a brightly- colored wall once you decide you need a change is not an enjoyable chore. Last thing I will say on the matter is let’s not get into that painting one accent wall in a room. That trend had it’s time and now it’s over.


When you’ve selected a color that doesn’t invade your senses too much, you are then able to freely move furniture in and out and change up what’s INSIDE the room without getting heartburn over it. Again, another reason to make your room colors flow – you don’t want to get stuck or limited. Trust me.



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