…building a business: hiring

There comes a point in a small business where you have to choose how big you want to grow and how hard you want to work. It’s really not as easy as it sounds especially if you are in the same boat as I am and are a mom first.


If your business is really blowing up and you find yourself working every minute of every day then it’s probably time to hire someone.

Hopefully, if you are working this hard you are also making money at what you are doing. (If not, it’s time to slow down a bit and be patient until you do some selling. Just trying to be honest.) You then have the funds to allocate to some help.


Maybe this means hiring a babysitter a few days a week to watch the kids so you can work. Maybe this means hiring someone that you can train to help you. Maybe this means hiring someone to help you move or stock your wares. Maybe this means hiring a sales clerk if you have a brick & mortar presence.

If you are ready to hire someone, it means you are all in and giving this business  a real try. You will be producing more, you will hopefully be selling more and so the cycle goes.


I, personally, have come to this fork in the road many times and continue to. I try to be a good observer of those that have gone before – those that are the friends that I’ve made in this business & people that I admire & respect. How are they doing at their go of it? Does my life look like theirs? Could I make that work? I have been very blessed to have been offered some amazing & wonderful opportunities. Yes, I could have hired a few people. Yes, I could have been a part of a shop or a barn or Lucketts or Chartreuse or Stylish Patina’s barn. Yes, I could have said yes to more projects; more jobs; more people; more furniture; more sales. Do I say yes because I’ve been given a choice? Or do I say no or not right now because I’m paying respect to what I feel is right and true. Thanks for letting me process 🙂


I love that as adults we get to make these choices for ourselves. If more is your “Yes” then congrats & much luck to you. If “No” is your yes at the moment then feel good about getting to make the choice.



…luckett’s sunny set up

Well, I had a simple plan of taking a few naps last week. Those plans were foiled by the stomach bug hitting 1, 2, 3 children. Then me. Then DH. A preschool picnic, ballet recital, music concert, piano and soccer. I’m still tired. But, I’ve missed you all! Thank you, thank you to all those that came out to say hello! What a treat to meet you and chat live 🙂

I want to recap how Luckett’s went. Friday was set up day for Blue Egg Brown Nest. DH drove the truck (even though I really wanted to) and I followed.


I was super excited and even got to listen to NPR on my way out in my very calm, quiet car. A real treat.


If you’ve never been out to Luckett’s, this is the little house that you will find on the corner.


They ushered the vendors through the stable gates for set up.


Yes! It does look like a Budget rental space. We walked over to the Field of Gold to find my name.


I cannot tell you how excited to was to be neighbors with my Vintage Marketplace friends, a few tents down from the amazing Ekster Antiques and across the way from one of my sponsors, Glamor Bits!


It was a perfect set up day. Sunny. Of course it’s also a race to get your truck unpacked so you can make room for the other trucks that need to come in and set up. It’s a bit nuts. We only had a few hours before school let out and we had to get back home. Oh, and the weather forcast was no rain….shame on us for trusting Doug Kamerer.















I wish I could have told myself that, yes, those are cloud moving in so you better cover your stuff! It rained that very night into the next morning. But, after a mild panic attack, everything dried out and the show began!

PS – I brought alot of new pieces to the show. Some sold and some did not. If you see something of interest, check out my SHOP sections or email me. cbensten@blueeggbrownnest.com


…road to lucketts: do i need a truck?

YES! Well, technically no, but YES! Especially if you are shopping for furniture or bigger pieces OR you just like to shop! You will not be disappointed by the 200 vendors and will finds lots of treasure.

I found a picture of the line Saturday morning from last year.


I had people buy pieces from me, go home, rent a truck and come back the next day. This happens. And if I did not have my own UHaul that I was driving out there I would need one too!


So, if you can’t get a truck try to bring your SUV with the seats down and if you can’t do that, then bring rope to strap things to the roof of your sedan. I’m not kidding!

This is an idea of what you will see if you have not been.



Here’s what I ended up bringing home last year.


From The Luckett’s Blog: What do I do if I can’t take my purchase with me or my car is too small?
Items purchased at the Lucketts Spring Market must be picked up by Sunday, May 19th at 5pm.  Items sold by fair vendors can’t be left at the Lucketts Store past Sunday – we just don’t have the capacity to store 170+ vendors-worth of purchases.

You really don’t need a truck, but if you know you are looking for bigger pieces then think about it 🙂

See you there! Blue Egg Brown Nest will be in the Field of Gold. Doesn’t that sound lovely? It is!

Luckett’s Spring Market

May 18, 19 10-5

Admission $7 (children under 12 free)