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My secret to great lighting at a lower cost is to go to the kid’s department. I feel like all the big retail shops have child and teen departments that are getting better and better by the year. If you get these catalogues in your mail and toss them, then I would challenge you to refrain and take a look. I always troll the home decor websites and these departments are real contenders for the good-looking stuff.

I ended up getting the light fixture for my master bedroom from Restoration Hardware Baby and Child. This is the second chandelier I’ve purchased for an adult space from them. Here is the one I chose:


It’s wood and white washed. Here is a look at what I had previously along with another look at the carpet that was in this space. I heart a crystal chandelier, but this one was not working for me anymore. I wanted something a bit rougher and larger.

Small Room Design

And here is a look at the new one in black and white.


I also wanted to show you a few other small items that I worked on before I show you the full room. I went a bit monochromatic with my white, but also left the bits of gray.












I definitely edited the “stuff” that I had in here because I didn’t want the distraction from a sense of calm. I left the books, small statues, clock, a few small wall decor items and pillows. Life is chaos outside those bedroom doors!

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