Many of you have emailed me and ask me about how to market your businesses and get more exposure. I want to make sure you know that you are welcome here!

My stats have grown with the press & attention Blue Egg Brown Nest has received. I have on average 3.6 Million hits on my Blue Egg Brown Nest per month (24,000 unique viewers per month), 10,000 Facebook hits per month and over 670,000 YouTube hits on my Chalk Paint tutorials.

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I have professionals & crafters sponsoring on my site and they have told me it has increased their traffic.

Small Ad: $15 a month

Large Ad: $20 a month

My super awesome web designer will design an original ad for you for $15 and then you can choose your ad size. If you sign up for 6 months I can give you a 10% discount.

Interested but don’t have a logo but want to advertise on Blue Egg? No problem! My web designer can help you with that for the $15 ad.

Interested but don’t have a website, only a FB presence? I have had sponsors in the same boat and they still get traffic.

Interested but want to know the exact sizes? Check out my MEDIA KIT.

Interested and you are a company and want a revolving ad? No problem. Check out Coach Barn in my sponsorship section.

Interested? Email me at cbensten@blueeggbrownnest.com

I feel a little like NPR during their ad campaign! I do believe that word of mouth and site works and would like to offer some space. You can view the wonderful & versatile Sponsors I currently have on the right side of my site.

Welcome Here!



…media kit & sponsorship opportunities

I just finished working with my web designer on my Media Kit! Some of you may be asking what a media kit is. I had no idea until really getting into the blogging & business side of things. It’s basically a sheet that is used to sell ad space on your blog. It gives guideline, stats, rates, etc.

My very talented web designer did a great job putting it all together. You can check it out on my main page in the main menu and see what it’s all about. If you are interested in placing an ad with Blue Egg Brown Nest I am now able to do that. I have 2 different sized ad spaces. They will go on my main page under “Sponsors”. My designer will create you ad for you. You will ride along with me and reach 1.2 Million hits per month. I already have some new friends ready to join me. If interested email me: cbensten@blueeggbrownnest.com