Hot Gift Idea: The Juicer

One of my favorite gift ideas listed in my Favorite Things Post found here was a Breville Juicer. I know juicers were the rage like 20 years ago and then we all got into the Vitamix, but the juicer is back! Here is the one I recommended. (Still on sale at William Sonoma!)

Why is the juicer back? Because of it’s best friend – celery. Again, I cannot take credit for discovering the benefits of celery juice, but when I find something that is life changing I want everyone to know about it! The Medical Medium is the guy that has put celery juice on the map.

Here is a list of benefits from the Medical Medium’s site found here.

Why Drink Celery Juice?

Many of the benefits of celery juice are listed on the website, but some of them include

  • Critical for healing chronic acid reflux
  • Fights autoimmune disease, including Hashimoto’s, Lyme disease, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and every other autoimmune condition
  • Incredible for constipation and all digestive issues
  • Helps restore the adrenals
  • Contains mineral salts that are critical for the central nervous system
  • Helpful for depression, anxiety, brain fog, confusion, bipolar disorder, memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), poor focus and concentration
  • Important for skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis
  • Flushes toxins and pathogenic byproduct from the body
  • Helps stabilize blood pressure
  • Helps eradicate strep bacteria
  • Fights Epstein-Barr and Shingles viruses
  • Brings down toxic liver heat
  • The ultimate gallbladder rehabilitator
  • Eliminates mucus
  • Restores bile production and potency
  • Celery’s natural sodium draws toxic salts out of the body
  • Powerful weapon against SIBO
  • Inhibits viruses, bacteria, and fungus
  • Enhances the immune system
  • Helps repair damaged ligaments & bones
  • Highly anti-inflammatory
  • Powerful way to alkalize the gut
  • Celery juice raises hydrochloric acid 
  • Supports and calms the central nervous system
  • Helps the liver produce bile 
  • And many more!

At the risk of being too vulnerable (not possible, right guys?!) I struggle with many things on this list. I have Hashimoto’s disease, PCOS, a hiatal hernia, GERD, depression, anxiety, PTSD – all of which I take medicine for. And it does a job on my body for sure. There’s little you can do to control aspects of your body when you are on lots of meds, but this makes me hopeful. And so I carry on juicing! Here is how it works. Get yourself 5 bunches of celery for the work week – they won’t last in your fridge more than that without getting moldy. Cut off the hard bottom and the skim off the tops.

Put celery through your juicer, a few stalks at a time. The recommended amount of juice you want each morning is 16 oz. You want to drink it on an empty stomach and use pure celery. Don’t add anything to it! It’s good and you will develop a taste for it.

This is the fiber that is left over and what you do not want to consume. This fiber is why you want to juice and not just puree your celery. The healing properties are in the pure juice that come from separating the fiber from the celery.


Favorite Things 2018!

I want to share with you some of my most favorite things for gifts, decor or treats for yourself! Not in any particular order.

My Favorite Things!!

The kids named him Bob and he is the most amazing addition to our family! I have not pulled out our vacuum in months! MONTHS! You set him up to “vacuum” the house and he sticks to his schedule. We set our timer at 10 pm and every night he makes his rounds around the home. When we wake up the floor is spotless! He moves back to his charger when he’s finished like a good boy. If he gets stuck on something, he stops himself so nothing will break. Yes, he does hard wood and carpet. You guys. Genius.

Ecovots Deebot

Maybe I’ve been living under a rock, but I did not discover the Kringle until last year. What is the amazing confection I’ve been missing out on? The Kringle is put out on Trader Joe’s shelves during the holidays. You can find them near the bread section. I am a die hard fan of the almond, which basically tastes like almond paste and a croissant and I cannot get enough.

Trader Joe’s Kringle

So we all know that basically everything Chip and Joanna Gaines does turns to gold. Agreed. I’ve been decorating for Christmas this past week and I have literally shopped at every store that sells Christmas decor, including Target, Michaels, Merrifield Garden Center, Amazon,Google, etc. The best green garland I have found is from Hearth and Home at Target. I’ve gone back for more twice because it looks so darn good. I will post my Christmas table soon to show you my set up.

Garland Pine by Hearth & Hand 

I feel like if you want to be happy on the daily it has got to be intentional. I know I have to work on it. This is a really cool journal that will hold you accountable and help you work on consciously being happy. Who doesn’t need that?

The Happiness Planner

You know I preach it and I live it. Self care is not something to be dismissed. It is vital to our physical and mental health. I practice meditation, mindfulness and naps 🙂 My therapist of 12 years has this wonderful weighted blanket in her office and I finally bought one for myself. I use it every single day. You can buy them in different weights based on your weight. I would recommend going a little heavier. You don’t have to sleep with it unless you want to. You can use it when you feel overwhelmed, anxious, upset or you’ve had a difficult day or hard conversation. We don’t need to be overcome by the world and its stress. We can push against it and care for our minds and bodies. It will become a close friend.

And Gus is a huge fan.

My Calm Blanket

I have jumped on the celery bandwagon and I swear it works! A few of my beautiful neighbors have juiced celery for years and they have improved their health by leaps and bounds. It’s hard to turn your back on the hype. For the past two weeks I have had celery juice and I feel less bloated, less hungry and my endocrinologist says less blood sugar, which was creeping up due to my PCOS. The guy behind the craze is the Medical Medium. Before you jump to judge just take a look what he has to say here. You are meant to use a juicer (not a mixer) and have pure celery first thing in the morning.

William Sonoma has a great sale going on now.

William Sonoma Breville Juicer


Y’all, I have a really embarrassing secret. I’m a closet puzzler. I loved to do puzzles with my dad when I was little. We always had a huge one going on a card table in the family room. I now have a puzzle going at all times in my living room and it’s not just a puzzle – it’s a magic puzzle. The magic comes when you tween daughters sit next to you and all of a sudden start spilling all their concerns and fears and stresses. You are both looking at the puzzle, but what is happening is that you are connecting in a no-pressure setting. It’s a beautiful thing! I also go to my puzzle when I’m anxious and my hands need a mindless activity. I’ve been told by therapists that this is a great tool. PS –  the more I talk about my secret puzzle life the more I find out that there are many closet puzzlers out there! Of course I have my favorite brand, Ravensburger.

Ravensburger Puzzles

Brush Trees are everywhere this year. You can get the really pricy ones at Anthropoloie and Magnolia or you can go to your local craft store. They’ve been around for a million years, but all of a sudden shops have bought into the simplistic, cleaver design. Here is the Magnolia brush tree.  But, again, you can find cheaper on Amazon, Etsy or your local craft store.

Bottle Brush Tree

I’m 41 and I’m really into skin care. Foreo is a silicone, vibrating exfoliator. I use it every night. It does not dry you out like a loofa or a harsh face brush. It’s an amazing product. It’s small and you can fit it into any little travel case or leave it out on your bathroom sink without it getting in the way.


As an introvert I literally laughed out lough when I saw this mug on the beloved site, Introvert Dear found here. Not much else needs to be said.

The Introvert Dear Mug


I am not a fan of eating pigs, but Dear Husband sure does love some good bacon. For his birthday I got him a Bacon of the Month club. He LOVED it! Every month you will get a big box of bacon from all different parts of the country. You can taste and decide which ones you like and order from that source!

Bacon Club

If you are looking for a gift for a child please don’t under estimate the power of a squishy. My daughter sleeps with out 20 of them a night. She struggles with ADHD and they really do help her. I’m a huge fan. (Not suitable for toddlers and babies). Squishes are the only thing she has asked Santa for this year. Amazon sells all kinds. Look for the “slow rising” squishies.

Slow Rising Squishy

I’m a tea lover and recently discovered this cute this pot for loose teas. It is the perfect size as it makes about one cup for me a few times a day! I just use my favorite loose teas, pour boiling water in, steep for 3 minutes and pour into my tea cup.

Japanese Tea Pot

I saved this one for last because it takes a special commitment. I have been volunteering this year at three local animal shelters socializing the cats and walking the dogs. There is nothing more rewarding. I joke with Dear Husband that I want our house to be like Noah’s arc except I’ll opt for just one of each animal (minus cats because I’d like at least 20). If you can open your home to an animal please know that these cats and dogs NEED you. If you have the opportunity to walk into a shelter your heart will be transformed. I personally believe that every home needs an animal. We learn more from them than many other relationships. Cheers to Pokey, my childhood cat, that saved my life!

Lost Dog Cat & Rescue

This was so fun! I hope you like my picks. Have any of your own items you can’t live without this season? Let me know and I’ll pick a few to share!