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Coming up with a name, logo & overall image is so personal. And if you don’t make it personal I think people will notice. I think you need to choose a name and image that connects you to your business.

If you’ve ever been in an English Lit class you know how important bird imagery is. Shakespeare, Charlotte Bronte, James Joyce, Thomas Hardy, Kate Chopin, etc, etc.

The familiarity and transcendence of birds have given them a wider range of meaning and symbol in literature than any other animal. The resemblance of their activities to common patterns of human behavior makes them exceptionally suitable for anthropomorphic imagery that links man to the common forms of nature” (Lutwack xii).

Basically, birds mean quite a bit to me and it needed to be part of my presence.

I started looking up names that were already used and there were a TON of nest references. It’s cute, it should be used. Then I thought out what my style really is and although I never like being pigeonholed I needed to have a bit of description to my business.

I loved the contrast of a bright, turquoise egg, that of a robin and the earthy, brown nest. It reminded me of my style as I can appreciate rustic, vintage wares, but also everything that comes with placing something new & lively in your home.

It’s become a theme in my painting & home design…and of course that duck egg blue is my very favorite color in real life.

I love seeing the color everywhere in my home in little pockets. I think it’s important to tie your brand into your own personality, home-life and what you want your business to be. Commit to it and work it so that everything you put out there falls under this umbrella. It won’t be hard to do if you’ve selected a theme that you love and have a connection to.





You can imagine my excitement when I found these.



As a former marketer, I would venture to say that your brand should be one of your top priorities. Think hard about it because you will be investing time & money your company’s future into what you select. Make it unique & make it YOU.

Home & Remodeling Show January 20th @ 1:00. Working on my presentation now. eeek!!!