…painting cane tutorial

Hi Friends.

So, I had 2 new clients bring me cane pieces to refinish and as I was working on them I thought it may be helpful to do another, short tutorial on what I found to work when refinishing a textured surface like cane. There actually is a technique to it because if you go to heavy with your paint, you run the risk of ruining the piece.

Here’s what I started out with:


A local interior designer, Caroline McCandish, brought these over for me to refinish for one of her clients. Gorgeous chairs!



And another new client brought over these twin headboards she found on eBay! I know, I was jealous too:)

A few things I’d like to point out when painting cane.

1. Start with the extremities; the solid wood/legs/arms/etc.

2. Use a smaller brush

3. Wipe paint after dipping

4. Work in a very light, circular motion so as not to let your paint clump.

If you put on too much paint what will happen is that all those little holes will fill and the lines/crevices will fill. You will take away from the texture, consistency and overal look of the piece. You want to work lightly and do a few coats for coverage. You want to keep the lines while covering them with your paint. Go slowly & deliberately.


IMG_1716This is after the first coat. You will notice some brown places if you look closely. Let dry and go back in for another coat, working in your circular motion.



The coverage really depends on your taste and/or your client’s taste.

Here is the video tutorial. Hope it is helpful. PS – Thank you to all my friends/reader that have stuck up for me on YouTube. Most people are lovely, but there are a few haters of chalk paint that somehow still watch my work & feel the need to yell at me 🙁