…zentique thoughts

Morning! So, I had some reaction to my Zentique recommendation yesterday in Favorite Things Friday. Yes, items were a bit pricey. If you’ve read my blog for a while now, you know I am all for finding pieces at flea markets, repurposing old items, hunting through Grandma’s attic for a cool piece to refinish or even stopping on the curb to snag a few chairs someone is discarding. This is how I started decorating my house and I love the hunt & process.

BUT, I also see the value of dreaming BIG for your home. If you are obsessed with making your space beautiful & comfortable & personal like I am, it is inspiring to look and see what is out there. What could you copy or find cheaper or maybe even save your pennies for a few years to one day buy?

Before starting Blue Egg Brown Nest I had no budget for furniture and with 3 children there was no budget coming along any time soon. I did allow myself to dream & look at beautiful pictures. Well, after a few refinishing projects I was able to save up enough to buy my very first treat.

Small Room Design

My Rachel Ashwell chaise.

Now when I look at it I know how special it is. I knew the look I wanted, I knew what would fit and when I could make it happen I did.

It may sound a bit silly to dream about furniture, but it’s not about the fabric & wood. It’s about creating a lovely & inviting space where you can find freedom & peace. The world is a really tricky place and there’s nothing like coming home and finding something beautiful to look at – like a pillow or chair or maybe a soft, orange cat.



…favorite things friday – rachel ashwell bedding

I’m a big fan of Rachel Ashwell. She has such a shabby, but sweet & delicate look.




I own all her books and a chaise from Rachel Aswell Shabby Chic Couture she designed.


She has the most heavenly bedding!

Teal Cotton-Silk Jacquard Bedding Collection


 Liliput White Ruffle Collection


She has all different price points, which is awesome. You may have seen her shabby style at Target. Lovely!

Please say it’s almost nap time.