…luckett’s spring market is coming!


It must be Spring! Like many great barn shops in my area, Luckett’s is having their Spring Market May 20, 21, 22nd. For those of you that have never been to Lucketts but have heard me talk about it, this is the time to go. It is 170+ vendors selling over one weekend. You can totally make a weekend of it with your girlfriends and/or drag your husband along. He can sit and listen to the bluegrass music and have himself a funnel cake if he’s not tempted by the amazing vintage wares.

Last year, the gals started offering a VIP day on Friday. It is a $40 ticket that will get you in early. What does this mean? It means you that you get first pick. Why is this amazing, because if you are anything like me you will rush around in search of the coolest and best pieces. It is a really fun time and I always feel like I am on a scavenger hunt.

Here’s a question I received from a reader to start us off.

Could you or would you recommend a hotel in the Leesburg area?

Yes. There is a list of hotels on the Luckett’s site here.

As a local and when I was a vendor I chose to stay at Lansdowne. It’s clean and close and good for a getaway.

I am happy to answer questions about the fair as I am hoping to run into you all! I will definitely be there buzzing around on VIP day.



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I am a super independent introvert that is completely fine doing her own thing – most of the time – but as DH says the moment I find myself needing connection and affection and love I need it immediately and in full force. Reminds me of someone I know….


I have a few favorite podcasts that I listen to and one of them comes from a wellness coach, Koren Motekaitis and her podcast How She Really Does It. She’s had well-known guests on her show like Brene Brown and is worth a listen.

She did a show on judgment and how we can protect ourselves from feeling the harshness of another’s judgement. I am totally vulnerable to criticism and it affects me much more than I want it to. The worst part for me is that feeling of being mis-understood and “dropped” (for lack of a better word) when I make decisions that are best for me and my life.

I. Get. So. Frustrated.

We were created to be our own unique selves and that means making choices that are different from our parents and friends. It is right and natural. It is not a bad thing about you to follow your own compass, it is God’s design for us and if we are held back by other’s judgement it is like putting shackles on an animal. I will buck and buck until I am free and will not look back because freedom is like the air that we need to breathe and means more than any feeling of inclusiveness.

The take away from the podcast for me was her idea that there are three types of business: my business, your business and the weather’s business. She expanded by saying that what other people do and say and think is THEIR business. What you think and decide to do and say is ONLY YOUR business. And what the weather does day to day is it’s business. Wow. It comes back to what we think we can control. We cannot control other’s thoughts of us just like we cannot control the weather. It is none of our business how those two think. It is our business how we think, what we do and how we react. For me this was real insight and a helpful reminder that it’s not just me, it is that status of all things. The weather has been behaving this way for all of time. If you are feeling put upon by someone in your life then be reminded that it may be a force that can only be stopped by what you do and change and think in your own self. Make sense? It did to me.

What does this mean for you and me in our creative thinking and businesses? It means that the judgements that others try to place on us – in order to control us many times – is not our business. It is the business of that person just like it IS our business to move forward in the spirit of protecting and forging our own ideas. This is big, Dear Readers. This news means that we do not have to look to our left or our right for approval and validation (although that can feel really good at times). It means that the coarse we are on is really only up to us and cannot and should not be swayed by other people’s feelings about it. I realize this is easier said then done. I definitely struggle with it. But, lately I have quoted to myself, “There is their business, my business and the weather’s business” and I feel like we all need to mind our own bee’s wax and for me, that means minding MY own business when it comes to other’s judgement.


Tell me how YOU feel about this topic.

…not a yardsale, just my front yard

My pastor gives short radio sermons called “Not a sermon. Just a thought.” You may have heard Lon Solomon on your radio before. As I walked out to my yard to see what my mover dropped off (after much ado) I can’t help but be a bit nervous that a)my hoarder neighbor will come take pieces or  b) people will slow down wondering about the yard sale.

Not a yard sale. Just my front yard.












I’ve turned into a crazy picker these last few weeks as i gear up for my space at Lucketts. I am probably going a bit overboard as every room in my house is going to be filled soon. Never the less, needing to get rid of stuff – vintage & antiques? email me: cbensten@blueeggbrownnest.com

And not to be overshadowed, kindergarten orientation happened an hour ago. It was a Xanex kind of morning for Mommy.